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Substances And Actions That Nullify The Fasting


3. Substances and actions that nullify the fasting

According to the Quran and the authentic Sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) three
actions nullify fasting: eating, drinking and sexual intercourse. Therefore,
the passing of any solid or liquid sybstance that can be described as food
or drink, in any quantity through the gullet would nullify fasting. Accord
ingly, the p.articipants agreed unanimously that the following do not
nullIfy fasting.

1. Eye and ear drops, and ear wash.
2. Nitroglycerine tablets placed under the tongue for the treatment of
3. Insertion into the vagina of pessaries, medical ovules, vaginal washes,
vaginal speculum, and doctor’s or midwife’s fingers during pelvic
4. Insertion of the urethroscope into man or woman radio-opaque media for
X-ray diagnosis or bladder irrigation.
5. Tooth drilling, extraction, cleaning or the use of mis-wak and
toothbursh, provided nothing is swallowed into the stomach, do not nullify
6. Injections through the skin or muscle or joints or veins, with the
exception ofintravenous feeding.
7 .Blood donation or receiving blood transfusion.
8. Oxygen and anaesthetic gases.
9. All substances absorbed into the body through the skin, such as creams,
ointments, and medicated plaster.
10 .Drawing blood samples for laboratory testing.
11 .Catheter and media for arteriography of heart or other organs.
12 .Endoscopy for diagnostic or intervention purposes.
13. Mouth wash, gargle or oral spray, provided nothing  is swallowed into
the stomach.
14 .Hysteroscopy or insertion of an intrauterine device.
15. Biopsy of the liver or other organs.

A majority ofparticipants added the following:

1. Nose drops, nose sprays, and inhalers.
2.  Anal injections, anoscopes, or digital rectal examination.
3. Surgery involving general anaesthetic, if the patient decided to fast.
4. Machine or intraperitoneal renal dialysis.
5. Use of gastroscope, provided it does not entail the introduction of
liquids or other substances into the stomach.

On the conclusion of its business, the Seminar was pleased to express its
deeply-felt thanks and appreciation to His Majesty, King Hassan II of the
Kingdom of Morocco, for his kind support of the Seminar which was hosted by
the Kingdom of Morocco. The Seminar prays to God to grant His Majesty and
His Heir victory and glory, and the people of the Kingdom of Morocco
prosperity and progress. The Seminar further thanks His Majesty’s Government
and officials for their warm welcome and generous hospitality.

The Islamic Organisation for Medical Sciences wishes to express its sincere
thanks to all the participating organisa- tions, including Hassan II
Institute for Medical and Scientific Research on Rarnadhan, the ISESCO, the
Institute of Islamic Fiqh, Jeddah, and the World Health Orgarusation
Regional Office. The IOMS would also like to extend its thanks to all the
Islamic jurists, doctors and scientists who have contributed to the
successful outcome of this Seminar, praying to God to reward them in a most
generous and compassionate way.     God’s peace and mercy be upon you