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White Hearts Open a Branch of Al-Da’wa Islamic School in Somalia

In WEST SOMALIA (OGADIN) The 2nd School of White Hearts A branch of Al-Da'wa Islamic School A 3rd will be built soon

White Hearts Renew Ceilings in 2nd Yemen School

The 2nd School in YEMEN. RENEWING the ceiling of 3 classrooms Secondary School for Girls. In TA'IZ. Gift from WHITE HEARTS

White Hearts Open 2nd School in Myanmar

The opening of  WHITE HEARTS 2nd School inside MYANMAR 16th July 2020 Supervised by Al-I'tisam, partner of IMA Malaysia

White Hearts Donate 2nd Training Center in Yemen

In Yemen (Aden) The 2nd center for training on sewing for widows and girl orphans. Donated by White Hearts

PIMA & IMANA Provide PPE to the Medical Community

PIMA (Pakistan Islamic Medical Association) in collaboration with IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America) has dispatched 30000 KN95 masks to PIMA city and...

Burial Ceremony & Testimony of Friends of Dr Ibrahim Sule

The burial ceremony and testimony of friends of Dr Ibrahim Sule, past president of Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria and exco-member of FIMA

Latest Publications

Voice of Covid-19 Frontline Workers in Pakistan

Click here to download the Voice of Covid-19 Frontline Workers in Pakistan book

The Science of Re-opening of Our Schools

23 May 2020 The science of re-opening of our schools Dr Musa Mohd Nordin Dr Thiyagar Nadarajaw Malaysian Paediatric Association The science (or lack of) of juggling with the...

BIMA – Ramadan Rapid Review & Recommendations

This is a rapid review of the evidence on fasting in Ramadan undertaken by the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) in light of the...