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SOP for FIMA Lifetime Achievement Award (FLTAA)


The award is in recognition of a lifetime of service to Islamic Medical
Associations ( IMAs ), FIMA and the society. The award recognizes outstanding
individuals whose Islamic spirit and endeavours has enhanced the image of
Islamic medicine and the stature of IMAs, FIMA and the society. They have
demonstrated a lifelong dedication to the mission of FIMA and are an
inspiration to others.

1. Nominees are role models in the realm of Islamic medicine
2. Their life long career in medicine has had a significant impact on
IMAs, FIMA and the society
3. A health professional in possession of an MD, PhD or the equivalent
4. Their dedication can be evidence by service in the following capacities
: •
Number of years in IMA exco (x years)
• Number of years in FIMA exco (y years)
• Number of years in attendance of FIMA Council Meetings (z years)
• Number of positions in FIMA committees (a)
• Academic and research achievements
• Number of publications (b)
• National or international awards

1. A commemorative plaque
2. A certificate of distinction
3. Paid travel and lodgings to FIMA International Scientific Meeting to
receive the awardSELECTION PROCESS
1. FIMA invites individuals and IMAs to nominate candidates for
the award.
2. The FLTAA award and call for nominations will be advertised in
the FIMA webpage and FIMAVision.
3. Complete, sign and date the nominations forms below.
4. Highlight the candidate’s contributions and distinction in service
5. Enclose the candidate’s curriculum vitae.
6. Enclose 2 letters of support
7. An FLTAA committee comprising of 3 distinguished members of IMAs
will review the nominations and select the worthy individual for approval
by the FIMA Council.