Dear FIMA members
Assalamu Alaykum
Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim
Praise be to Allah the Most Merciful, the Most beneficent. May Allah shower
His blessings and peace on His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)
I begin by thanking the FIMA Executive Committee for honoring me with the
responsibility to be the Editor-in Chief again for this yearbook. I thank Allah
for giving me this opportunity and enabling me to accomplish this task. I
pray to Allah (SWT) to accept my effort in His way and to reward all who
participated in this effort.
The term Islamic medicine was introduced few decades ago. Several
conferences have been held to address it, the first of which was The first
International Islamic Medical Conference held in Kuwait in 1980. The term
has been understood in several ways including Prophetic medicine(1-3). Now
it is generally agreed to use the term Islamic medicine to identify medicine
that incorporates the Islamic philosophy of medicine and that it is distinct
from the term Prophetic medicine. Islamic medicine can only materialize from
provision of Islamic medical education. Because of the growing interest in
this important topic, the Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges (CIMCO)
proposed Islamic Medical education to be the theme this yearbook. The
Executive Committee of FIMA approved this proposal and decided to
specifically outline CIMCO activities. Hence the theme of this issue is Medical
Education and Professional Ethics: Islamic Insights.

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