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Covid-19 Fund Relief: IMARET x FV x Kitafund


We have partnered with FV and KitaFund to once again fundraise in support of our frontliners fighting the third wave of the pandemic in our country.

In response to KKM’s call for volunteers to assist at the frontline, IMARET will be deploying our team to Sabah, hence funds raised will be used to:

Mobilize volunteers to health facilites
Provide medical and general equipments to health facilities mainly PPEs, test kits and vital sign monitors
Support frontliners and needed communities affected by the MCO

We truly believe in the spirit of #KitaJagaKita and the generousity of each one of you although knowingly times are hard for everyone.

Thank you Malaysians for your support in raising awareness about this campaign and for the kind donations.

↩Link: https://kitafund.com/8535-fashion-valet-for-frontliners-covid-support-fund-2-0

Web: http://bit.ly/IMARETCovid
FB: IMAM Response & Relief Team – IMARET
IG: imaret_my