Cairo Declaration for Polio Eradication

Cairo Declaration for Polio Eradication

Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)


February 28, 2013, Cairo, Egypt



We, the Federation of Islamic Medication Associations;


Recalling the Resolution of the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the Third Islamic Conference of Health Ministers in October 2011 calling for high-level support for polio eradication; and, the Resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2012, declaring the completion of polio eradication a programmatic emergency for global public health;


Noting that polio is now at the lowest levels ever since records began; and, recognizing the historic opportunity to eradicate polio ensuring that no child will ever again be crippled or die from this disease;


Recognizing and that only three Muslim countries  remain endemic to the disease and that national polio emergency action plans have been launched in all three countries to rapidly interrupt the remaining chains of wild poliovirus transmission;


Noting with grave concern the ongoing transmission of wild poliovirus in parts of Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, and remaining political, cultural, security and religious obstacles preventing all children in these areas to be vaccinated against polio; and in particular, the tragic and deadly attacks against frontline health workers in parts of Pakistan in December 2012;


Noting that in a country, polio eradication efforts require the full engagement of political and religious leaders, civil society organizations, medical fraternity and all stakeholders to gain access to and vaccinate every last child;


Recognizing the potentially devastating and deadly consequences of not eradicating polio, that may result in large polio outbreaks and the strategic importance of the Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to reach and sustain eradication by 2018;


Noting the strong global commitment to eradicate polio and the extraordinary investments made by governments, funding partners and stakeholders but acknowledging that the realization of a polio-free world is currently jeopardized by an ongoing global funding gap;



Hereby call on:


1.     All Islamic religious and community leaders to provide a strong  message of support for polio eradication activities and the need to ensure all children are fully immunized against polio and all other vaccine-preventable diseases;


2.     All levels of political, religious  and civil society in Muslim countries to overcome any remaining cultural, religious, political and security obstacles currently preventing all children from being reached and immunized against polio and all other vaccine-preventable diseases;


3.     All political, religious and civil society leaders to ensure the safety and security of frontline health workers, to enable them to perform their heroic tasks;


4.     All governments in Muslim countries to prioritize and mobilize the necessary financial resources to enable the full implementation of all polio eradication strategies;


5.     All affiliates of FIMA in their respective countries to be active partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, providing leadership towards the creation of a world free from polio for all our children.

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