1st FIMA-IHC Meeting (Arab Region) @ Cairo, 1-2 March 2013

FIMA-IHC, Cairo was attended by 160 doctors & hospital managers 120 from Egypt and 40 from 15 other IMAs including Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq

FIMA president Dr Parvaiz, IMA North America, delivering his opening address

FIMA past president and executive director, Dr Aly Mishal, Islamic Hospital Jordan

FIMA Sec Dr Tanveer, Pakistan IMA & FIMA deputy president Prof Ihsan, Hayat Foundation, Turkey

Dr Parvaiz seen here handing over plaque to Dr Nabila, wife of the late Dr Abdul Qadir Hejazi, past president FIMA 1995-1999




Al Azhar Mosque




Chilling out at the Pyramids

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