FIMA Relief for Palestine


Dear Brothers and Sisters
Assalamu Alaikuim
You all will recall that Palestine, especially Gaza, has been under constant siege and bombardment before the start of the Lebanese offensive. Israel has effectively crippled the health services in Palestine. They are in desperate need of assistance and support. The Islamic Hospital in Amman, Jordan (see letter below) has risen to their calls and has been treating these very complicated cases in their hospital and neighbouring hospitals. You are all aware of the exorbitant costs of treating and nursing these cases in a secondary or tertiary hospital under expert supervision. We humbly but urgently appeal to all the IMA's affiliated to FIMA as well as other humanitarian and relief NGO's related to your activities in your respective countries, to search your souls for that little extra care and compassion for our suffering brothers and sisters and their children in Palestine by generously donating to the attached bank accounts to sustain their activities. We further appeal to all our medical relief workers to mobilize you surgical teams and support personnel to assist our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Jordan. Finally, any medical or surgical supplies also most welcome. Find attached contact details:

Prof Aly Mishal: 00962795990054
Bank Details: Jordan Islamic Bank, Shmeisani Branch, Amman
Acct no: 46327
Acct name: Jordan Society of Islamic Medical Sciences
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Amin Sinnokrot: 00972545323968
Banking Details: Arab Islamic Bank
Acct no: 17296
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May you all be rewarded for your sterling efforts.
Shukran Jazeelan
Dr. Ashraf Jedaar


Assalamu Alaikum

We in Jordan are in the midst of a humanitarian medical relief dilemma.

In view of the worsening conditions of Palestinian hospitals, lack of experienced medical personnel, lack of medical supplies and equipments, a flood of Palestinian patients, with very difficult and complicated medical problems are pouring to Jordanian hospitals for treatment, at a rate of around one hundred patients per month. The Jordanian hospitals are willing to treat them with major reductions of expenses but not total exemptions. We are currently working diligently to issue financial donations to face this problem. Some NGOS are providing some help, but the magnitude of the problem needs collaboration and help from all IMAs and their collaborating relief organizations. Kindly give this subject the attention it deserves, and circulate this call as wide as possible.

May Allah (SWT) accept and bless your efforts.

Sincerely yours
Dr. Aly Mishal
President, Jordan Society of Medical Sciences
Chief of Staff, Islamic Hospital

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