Announcement of 8th FIMA Umrah Program for Medical Students

8th Umrah Program for MEDICAL STUDENTS

Saturday 9 to Thursday 14 July 2011

(8 to 13 Shaaban 1432 H)



Organized by:

Islamic Medical Association of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (IMAKSA)/ World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)


In collaboration with:

Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) and its Members (IMAs).


Important Date:




Any time from now until the Deadline Date

Registration (Now open)

10 May

Deadline for requesting invitation letter from WAMY

Friday 10 June

Deadline date for Registration or when all seats (50 seats) are reserved (Rule of: First comes, first served).

Thursday 7 July to Friday 8 July

Arrival and Reception..

Umrah performance.

Free time in Haram Shareef

Friday 8 July

Last Date of Arrival to Assembly site in Makkah

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2011

Makkah program.

Monday 11 July

Travel from Makkah to Madina by bus (500 km) through Hijra Road.

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 July

Madinah program.

Thursday 14 July

Home Departure.



  • Students of Medical and Health Colleges who are affiliated to and/or nominated by Islamic Medical Associations members of FIMA. (Individual application is not allowed).

  • “Students” can be extended to include students from 3rd year in college until 3 years after graduation to allow for senior and postgraduate students.

  • Only "male" participants are allowed in this activity at the current stage.

  • “Medical and Health Colleges” could be college of any health specialty such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences or any other health-related college.

  • Nominated participants have to be ACTIVE in his student chapter with potential leadership capacity as recommended by his IMA.

  • Participant has to be good in English language

  • Participants are expected to be reasonably versed and very committed from Islamic point of view.



  • The total number of participants is 50 students.

  • Each IMA has the chance to nominate 1 - 5 Students. This quota is subject to the accreditation of the organizing committee based on the size of the student chapter and on IMA participation in FIMA International Students Activities as decided by FIMA and IMAKSA.



  • The field language is English.

  • The lecturers will specify their language of delivery. Simultaneous Arabic/English translation will be provided.



  • The IMAs and/or individual participants are responsible for the cost of their return tickets, as well as their visa fees.

  • There are NO registration fees for the program.

  • Accommodation, meals and local transportation will be provided FREE OF CHARGE by IMAKSA during the specified days of the program. The participants incur cost of days before or after this period.

  • Receiving of participants is only possible at King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah provided that full information about pre-registered participants and their itinerary is received at least one weak before arrival day.

  • All transportation during the program will be arranged for all participants who abide with program timing and regulations.



  • Visa for entry into Saudi Arabia (visit visa or Umrah visa) is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the IMAs and/or the participants.

  • IMAKSA or WAMY unfortunately CANNOT secure visas for the participants. However, an invitation letters can be issued from IMAKSA, WAMY only if it is requested at least 2 months earlier.


  • The registration deadline is 10 June 2011.

  • Registration is mandatory for all participants. The applications must be submitted to Supervisor of the Umrah program or the regional FIMASAC coordinator through their IMAs (president or chairman of students chapter). Direct individual application is not accepted.

  • Documents needed for registration (To be sent by IMA):

  1. Completed Registration Form designed in Excel for this purpose (attached) for all delegates.

  2. An electronic copy of participants' passports.

  3. IMA Database Form (attached).

  • Complete forms and documents can be e-mailed or faxed to the address shown below.

  • Registration is only valid after receiving acknowledgement and acceptance letter from organizing committee or Supervisor General of the program or Assistant Supervisor.

Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily


SUPERVISOR General, UMRAh Program





E. Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: 00-966-1-4690803




Registration Form


(right-click and "save ... as" to download Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document)

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