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Dear Bros and Srs
Assalamu Alaikum
Ramadhaan Mubarak to you and your families. May you all enjoy the choicest blessings of this holy month, Insha'Allah.

Africa continues to be the melting pot of turmoil and strife, socio-political conflict, devastating famines and diseases, and the scourge of corruption. There have been increasing cries of help and relief from various sectors in Africa, each with its own conflicts and requirements, including the following countries:

  • Somalia (see correspondence)
  • Northern Darfur, Sudan (humanitarian and medical relief)
  • Sierra Leone: medical relief
  • Senegal: medical relief
  • Uganda: medical equipment

It is difficult to formulate a needs assessment in these diverse regions but we will attempt this task nevertheless, with the help of some of our partners in or near these regions. However, while this is undertaken, can I invite comment on the following proposal.

We have often spoken about establishing storage warehouses in various regions of the world for the stockpiling of non-perishable medical and humanitarian relief items for immediate disposal should a crisis or disaster arise. Could we start this process in Africa in a central and accessible location with the necessary communication and logistic expertise to shift these items to the various parts of the continent. We could either use a North African state e.g. Egypt or South Africa in the south (there are none organized enough in Central Africa). If feasible, could I invite our membership and their respective partners to stock-up these warehouses with supplies and equipment for disposal to the various regions in Africa in an organized and systematic manner. We will provide the list of items from the respective requirements of the above countries. If successful, then this model can be duplicated in other regions of the world e.g Middle-East, Asia, North Americas, Central and Eastern Europe.

Please consider this proposal as urgent, fully aware of your busy schedules and other obligations during this holy month.

Shukran Jazeelan
Ashraf Jedaar


You must have followed what has happened in Somalia with the new stability and takeover by the Sharia Courts. This has encouraged many NGOs to think how we can help our Moslem brothers and sisters in Somalia.

SIMA has sent a delegate to Mogadishu to assess the needs of the people in the area controlled by the courts and see how they can help in delivering some essential needs. Our goals were also to initiate the formation of an Islamic Medical Association of Somalia, which can later join FIMA; and through the help of SIMA and FIMA, it can operate some humanitarian health activities in the area.

The good news, the Somali Islamic Medical Association was formed and the list of the names of the council members is attached with their telephone numbers. Unfortunately, there is a lot to be done in terms of health-care delivery and environmental sanitation. I hope FIMA can act as a facilitator for fund raising to urgently do some health-care activities in Mogadishu. The hospitals are in shambles, few doctors not well-trained are shouldering a lot of work. There are 300 wounded young men who need orthopaedic, surgical services to save their lives.

We need to act quickly here. Medical supplies, in terms of autoclaves (at least 4), anaesthetic machines (4), defibrillator (1) and as much as possible, the following:

  1. operative sets (for laparotomy)
  2. operative sets (for orthopaedics)
  3. dressings, gauze and cotton
  4. disinfectants, e.g. alcohol, detol
  5. sutures, etc.
  6. drugs (anaesthetic, analgesic, antibiotics)

This is an urgent need to save young people, mainly fighters, from dying with infection. Above all, we need volunteers - orthopaedic surgeons and general surgeons. This is an opportunity to do good to humankind in need and for Moslems who are in dire need for help.

Could FIMA circulate a call for volunteers and for donations to, at least, initially save those 300 individuals from unnecessary death?

We have further thoughts about what we can do in the interim and long term in medical care.

  1. Facilities to improve the environment. There are heaps of rubbish needing urgent disposal.
  2. Trained doctors of all specialties, maybe for short or long periods.
  3. Help equip the hospitals.
  4. Training for paramedicals.

SIMA (SudanIMA) is willing and prepared to help the volunteers to get to Mogadishu. If we know who can come, we can arrange for them to be transported from Dubai and help with permission to Somalia and received by the Somali Medical Association.
May Ramadan of this year come with prosperity to the Moslem world and to see to it that the Moslems are more united.
If there are any questions, please contact me through my e-mail and mobile number:

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Mobile No. +249 912 360445
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