FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No. 33

14 Aug 2014
FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No: 33

Dr Mohamad Hassan from our partner Arab Medical Union AMU in Cairo reports that currently parked at Al-Arish are 6 trucks laden with medical supplies. They r expected to enter Gaza tomorrow via Rafah Gate.

The next convoy is planned 3 -4 days later with supplies from Qatar Red Crescent via AMU.

Medical equipments needs as specified by MOH Gaza  are:
1 - basic x-ray @ $80,000 each
2 - mobile x-rays @ $30,000 each
4 - Ventilators @ $20,000
10 - ECG ( 12 channel ) @ $4,000 each
20 - infusion pumps @ $1,000 each
20 - Syringe pumps @ $1,000 each
10 - trauma beds @ $2,500.00 each
2 - Anaesthesia machines @ $38,000.00 each
5 - Electric tourniquets @4,000,00 each
2 - Operating tables @ $40,000.00 each

IMA South Africa has transferred $130K via Gift of Givers GOG and another $45K on Friday

VPM has transferred $150K inclusive of  $30K contributed by Kia Ora New Zealand.

Kindly ensure all bank transfers are in Euro. DWW transfer of $50K was blocked in US.

Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)

Director, FIMA Relief

A/C Name: FIMA

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Constantia branch: 025309

A/C No: 071848770


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)

Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia


Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad

Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Account no : 5-64324-601324

Swift Code : MBBEMYKL


Cases seen by DWW:- Maisara, six months pregnant, was shot whilst in the house. Her baby died because of shrapnels that penetrated her abdomen. Her condition is critical


A case of severe burns to the body. Serious injuries but not permitted to be transferred across either Erez or Rafah gates !

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