FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No. 32

FIMA Updates No: 32

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29 wounded Gazans now being transferred via Erez Checkpoint to Ben Gurion Airport.

Pictures attached. Imagine only a 4 member team of DWW & MOH Turkey doing an awesome & marvellous job.

I have my misgivings of big number teams entering Gaza. In our FIMA plan of action at most 5-10 surgeons are deployed at any one time. But ensuring a team always present in Gaza.

A 65 member team is  umdoubtedly a logistic nightmare for food stricken and shelter deprived Gaza. Besides if bombing resumes gazans would sacrifice their own lives to shelter  the relief team members - the Gaza hospitality is unparalleled despite their poor circumstances. We should not further burden our Gazan hosts.

Till time of reporting Malaysian team yet to receive clearance from
Egyptian authorities. Team Malaysia has been told to downsize from 65 to 20!

Dr Ashraf
Director FIMA Relief

Dr Musa
Chairman VPM/FIMA Advisory Council


Dr Kerem DWW Turkey notes "Many patients couldn't get proper medical treatment because of the lack of medical devices and consumables like orthopaedic fixators"

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