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FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No. 31

13 Aug 2014

FIMA Updates No:31

Dr Kerem DWW informs "Today Palestine authorities prepared passports for 39 injured Gazan people and 39 guardians. We discussed with officials from Red David Star and ICRC to increase the number of daily transactions via Erez for injured Gazans. Normally they only allowed 14 cases for exit but they have accepted up to 60.

There r 120 injured patients in West Bank now. And they r receiving good healtcare services generally.
But some of them need advanced treatment. We r discussing with MOH Turkey to arrange for their immediate transfer to Turkey or flying in specialist to West Bank for advanced surgery."

Let's us pray that this critical process of transfer takes place without any untoward complications.

FIMA is now actively recruiting senior consultant plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, eye surgeons, ENT surgeons, micro surgeons- only the best because West Bank have enough general physicians and surgeons.

We have enough numbers in our database to fly them into WB specifically for this purpose.

Our FIMA Save Vision (eye) & FIMA Save Smile (plastic surgery) have a directory of some of the most senior & awesome surgeons!

At our recent council meeting in Tanzania we had top notch ENT (Egypt); plastic (USA) & eye surgeons (Pakistan) attending ! Now we need to identify some of our best brain surgeons !

BTW that's  the least of our problems! The biggest diplomatic hurdle we need to overcome is securing their entry into West Bank!

Please pray that WB & Israel permit their entry to undertake major & complicated surgery on our wounded Gazan children  now hospitalised in Jerusalem.

Dr Ashraf
Director FIMA Relief

Dr Musa
Chairman VPM/FIMA Advisory Council

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