Dr. Ashraf Jedaar

Dr. Ashraf Jedaar

17 Ramadhan 1435 / 15 July 2014
FIMA Gaza Updates No 9:

Bros and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum!

Alhamdulillah ! FIMA & her partners has responded with the purchase and supply of 5 Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK) each serving the health needs of 10,000 for 3 months (funded & airlifted by IMANA)

We have commenced fundraising and other collection drives for the purchase of essential medicines, disposables, and surgical supplies, desperately required to maintain health services.  The IMA’s have mobilized their medical missions with the first from Egypt (IMA Egypt/Arab Medical Union) waiting at the Rafah border to cross into Gaza. Medical mission from Doctors World Wide Turkey (DWWT), IMA Malaysia/Ikram Health, IMA North America (IMANA), IMA Pakistan(PIMA), IMASA (South Africa) are waiting their turn in delivering critical care and treatment.

We desperately need more support and resources to sustain the health services in Gaza.

We urgently require Medical specialists in the following disciplines: Emergency medicine, ICU, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

We desperately need professional nurses with experience in theatre, ICU and casualty care.

The traumatized population especially children will need psychosocial support and counseling. Kindly contact me with your details.

We need your support in the following critical areas:

Essential medicines, consumables, equipment and other supplies

Blankets, shelter, mattresses, hygiene kits, drinking water and sanitation for 5000 displaced people

Food parcels for 30,000 starving individuals daily

Drinking water for 350,000 in areas where their supply was destroyed

We have to escalate our supply of medicines and other urgent humanitarian items  to make any impact on the delivery of health services.

During this holy month of Ramadhan, please donate generously and help save lives. Your Zakah, Lillah and Sadaqah will not only save lives, alleviate pain and suffering, putting food on the table during this month of fasting at Iftaar, clothe and shelter those without.

You will be rewarded with HIS choicest blessings for your generous contribution.

Please find our banking details below for your contributions.

Jazakum’Allah Khairan Katheeran

Dr Ashraf Jedaar
Director FIMA Relief
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Banking Details
Account name: FIMA
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Branch: Constantia
Account no: 071848770
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Dr Musa MN
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Chairman FIMA Advisory Council/VPM

Israel commenced its “Operation Protective Edge” on Tuesday 8 July/10 Ramadhan 2014 with a merciless barrage of more than 400 aerial attacks causing devastation and destruction in its wake. Over the past 48 hours, nearly 100 innocent victims were killed and over 500 seriously injured, the majority of whom were women and children. Homes, commercial buildings, roads, masajid and even health facilities were destroyed by these illegal and barbaric attacks. These figures are expected to escalate dramatically as the invasion continues.

Gaza’s health facilities have been strangled over the past few years since the last invasion during 2009 with blockage of all access points and an embargo on essential supplies and equipment including fuel and electricity. With the recent dramatic influx of casualties, Gaza’s health facilities and its personnel are struggling to continue its services. They urgently require medicines, surgical supplies and disposables, saline and other fluids. The displaced population require clothing, blankets, shelter, food, drinking water, sanitation and other humanitarian aids.

FIMA has embarked on its relief operation by purchasing these essential items with the assistance of a local partner, PIMA (Palestinian International Medical Aid). We further appeal to all IMA’s to coordinate medical missions to assist the struggling medical facilities in Gaza (health officials with experience in emergency medicine, surgery and orthopaedics). With the volatility of the situation, the Rafah border will be opened periodically for this purpose. Please find our banking details attached below.

May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions during this blessed month of Ramadhan. All forms of charity are acceptable including Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah

Dr Ashraf Jedaar
FIMA Relief

Acct name: FIMA
(Standard Bank of South Africa)

Constantia branch: 025309

Acct no: 071848770


Dear Brothers/Sisters


Assalamu Alaikum!


On behalf of the local organizing committee, FIMA and IMANA, we welcome you to Arusha, the mid-point between the Cape and Cairo and the foothills of Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. FIMA will be hosting their annual Council meeting as well as Executive Committee meetings followed by a Scientific Convention jointly hosted by FIMA and IMANA. The itinerary include the following events:


  • Arrival in Arusha on 06/08/2014
  • FIMA Pre-council Exco meeting: 06/08 at 19:30 (7:30pm)
  • FIMA Council meeting: 07/08 at 09:00-18:00

08/08 at 09:00-12:00

  • FIMA/IMANA Scientific Convention: 09-10/08 at Mt. Meru Hotel
  • Sight-seeing Safaris: 9-11/08 and during council meeting (spouses)
  • Depart Arusha: 11 or 12/08/2014


The East African All Suites Hotel was selected as the host of the council meeting (06-08/08/2014).  This hotel can be viewed at www.hotels.com or www.eastafricanhotel.com) . Bookings can be made directly with the hotel: Contact person: Brian Mshana: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , mobile number: + 255 782 365337 or +255 717 487696. Fax: +255 272050074) Please quote “FIMA” as reference when making reservations. The following affordable rates apply (bed/breakfast):

Single room        $100/room

Double room     $120/room

Family rooms (4 beds) are available on request


Transfers from the Kilimanjaro International Airport (46km from the hotel)has been arranged at the following rate: $50 for a 7-seater i.e. $7/person.


The FIMA/IMANA Scientific Convention will be hosted at the Mt. Meru Hotel, 3,5km from East African All Suites (a shuttle is available between the 2 hotels). Bookings for Mt. Meru Hotel should be made directly with the hotel or online (www.hotels.com).


Safaris/Tours have been arranged: the Ngorongoro National Park, recognized as 1 of 7 wonders of the world and a national heritage site, is available at $160 for full day tour which includes lunch, admission fees and crater fees. Other tours available by special arrangement (details pending).


Please Note: Accommodation at East Africa All Suites Hotel and airport transfers and tours are for the delegate’s own account and bookings should be made directly with the respective hotels. Dr Mwimbe Juma and his team of dedicated volunteers are available to assist with any difficulties.


We wish you a pleasant stay in Arusha and a successful and productive meeting IA. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation are extended to Dr Mwimbe Juma for organizing these events and being available to assist.


Jazakum’Allah Khair


Ashraf Jedaar




Mwimbe Juma

+255 68 863 6261