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With the ceasefire now operational, we should evaluate our relief efforts and strategise for the next phase.

In total FIMA has issued 21  Gaza relief updates keeping all abreast of our joint efforts. Primarily being in Gaza where we are most needed.
We had one tel conferencing among our leaders. And many phone calls !

Thus far the amount transferred into Gaza are:
1st convoy $200K
2nd convoy $500K
3rd DWW convoy via Karem Shalom post  $250K
4 ambulances via Irez (Saudi philanthropist)
Pending transfers are:
A. 16 more ambulances contributed by:-
Aqsa Syarif 4
B. 5 WHO health kits from IMANA @ Cairo airport
C. More medical & surgical supplies

2 teams of doctors have been allowed in:-
A. Team Sudan of 8 doctors led by Prof Mohamed Saeed SIMA & Sudan Red Crescent
B. Team Palestine of 5 doctors

This medical relief has been a close collaboration between 31 pax representing the following organizations :
FIMA - prez, past prez, vp, treasurer, sec (5)
SIMA (1) Sudan
AMU (3) Egypt
IMAM (1) Malaysia
Gaza on the ground (2)
Qatar (1)
DWW (2) Turkey
IMANI (1) Indonesia
Aqsa Syarif (1) Malaysia
IMANA (3) North America
Mercy Malaysia (1)
VPM (2) Malaysia
IMAE (2) Egypt
Pakistan IMA (2)
PIMA (1) Palestine
Gift of Givers (1) South Africa
IMASA (1) South Africa
IMAKSA (1) Saudi Arabia
Kia Ora (1) New Zealand

FIMA & IMANA will convene their annual conference in Arusha, Tanzania from 7 Aug 2014.

The priority of our relief discussions @ Arusha are:-

1. Paint big picture of carnage in Gaza

2. Our next strategic moves:-
a. how to get in via all available crossings
b. AMU to still press on with Rafah transfers of convoys
c. use of gov to gov links
d. DWW & GOG connections to be utilized
e. clear IMANA health  kits
f. Algerian & Turkish flotilla updates

3. Establish urgent needs NOW - food, water, hot meals, shelter (blankets & mattresses), baby food, diapers

4. Exhort IMAs & all our partners to contribute, disseminate info, pool our funds & manpower, organise rallies, take leadership of the Palestine humanitarian cause in our respective countries

5. All  inputs from our partners, individuals or groups are welcomed.

6. We and our partners have an excellent infrastructure in both Gaza & West Bank with our continued  presence there since 2009.

7. Please continue to raise funds for the beleaguered medical, educational, housing and economic infrastructure of Gaza.

8. All forms of generous contributions are acceptable including Zakat & Sadaqah. Our banking details are attached. Kindly email your corporate logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our display banners on the trucks.

9. May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions.


Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)

Director, FIMA Relief

A/C Name: FIMA

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Constantia branch: 025309

A/C No: 071848770


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)

Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia


Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad

Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Account no : 5-64324-601324

Swift Code : MBBEMYKL

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