International Medical Students' Summer Camp (IMMSSC)

IMMSSC is a unique program organized an hosted by Muslim Doctors Committee of WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) in collaboration with FIMA.

Arranged in the form of annual meeting of Muslim medical students from Islamic and other countries, the Camp offers its participants a comprehensive program including educations, cultural, social, sports, tourist and entertainment activities.


  1. To strengthen bonds of cooperation and joint work among Islamic Medical Associations.
  2. To promote the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among participating students.
  3. To exchange knowledge and experience in the field of medical charitable and relief work.
  4. To help improve and refine the skills and abilities of students.
  5. To cultivate and advance Islamic Medical Culture among participants.
  6. To provide an opportunity for participants to perform Umrah and to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Al Madinah, in a programmed group trip with a special guidance.
  7. To promote awareness of the modern civilization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with special reference to medical, educational, and technical progress.

Usually of two weeks duration, the Camp is organized at various locations in Saudi Arabia.

Affiliation to or nomination by a FIMA member IMA is necessary for participation in the Camp.

It seeks to target students who are expected to go on to play effective or leadership parts in ISlamic Medical activities, especially in the charitable and relief aspects.


A usual Camp accommodates about 300 male students above 20 years of age. Each IMA is entitled to send up to 20 students other than the accompanying supervisor and leader of the group. However there is no ceiling on the number of medical students from and bordering states.

Stages of the Camp

Each Camp consists of three stages:

a.  Scouting Camp (involves lectures, seminars, workshops, short courses, sports, entertainment, visits and tours);

b.  Visit to Makkah and performance of Umrah; and

c.  Visit to AL Madinah.


Arabic and English


The participants are provided housing, meals and local transportation free of charge. The cost of international return tickets is paid by the participants or the nominating IMA’s.

Up until now, three such camps have been arranged. The first was held in , second in Abha (). The third camp was organized in August 2001 in Taif.

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