FIMA Medical Mission for Earthquake in Iran

On 26th of December 2003, a catastrophic earthquake brought unbelievable destruction and miseries for the inhabitants of Bam city in Iran. It was just before the dawn at the time of Salat-ul-Fajar that earthquake killed more that 40,000 people in a period of few moments. Similar number were badly injured and many more were shelter less in a very cold weather and stunned with the loss of their kith & kins. Misery was tremendous as they were helplessly watching the rubble of their sweet homes underneath many of their relatives was buried, dead or alive. The hospital of the city along with few clinics was showing the picture of ruins.

Two thousand years old Arg Fort, a historical heritage of this city was leveled with the ground.

Many countries sent their first aid missions to the effected area. The visible and active mission was from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan and India. Many western countries also sent Relief Items and manpower to Bam.
FIMA Relief immediately planned to help the suffered brothers & sisters of Iran. First delegation of three doctors lead by Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rahman, Secretary FIMA flew to Tehran on 31st December and then traveled by road to reach Bam. They carried three tons of medicine and hospital consumables and handed over to the Red Crescent Society of Iran. They also joined hands with the doctors of Pakistan Army and facilitated them in procurement of medicine. Emergency medicines were purchased in Kerman City and delivered to the Pakistan Army Mission.

They also distributed blankets to the needy people. These blankets were also purchased from Kerman City which is about 200 km from Bam.

In addition to its professional duties, the delegation met the with officials of the city government and Red Crescent Society and conveyed the deep condolences on behalf of FIMA members. The delegation also visited the emergency hospital organized by Jordanian Army and Red Crescent Society of Saudi Arabia.

This mission left Iran on 7th of January 2004 while second mission lead by Dr. Surbuland Zubair comprising of five members arrived Iran on 4th of January. They carried equipment, medicine and tents for emergency hospital which were again handed over to the local authorities on their desire.
Both mission were warmly welcomed by Iranian government and were generously facilitated by the Iranian Embassy in Pakistan.

Iran Air and Pakistan International Airlines provided free carriage of consignments.

ICNA Relief of USA and Alkhidmat Foundation of Pakistan supported these missions with financial assistance.

FIMA extends heartfelt thanks to all the above mentioned organizations for their assistance and trust.

May Allah (SWT) give them the best of Ajar.

Dr. Hafeez.ur.Rahman
FIMA Secretary

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