Dear brothers, Assalamualaikum WBT

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to Malaysia. The last time we hosted the FIMA fraternity was in 2002 during our annual FIMA conference.

We also meet in sad circumstances following the demise of our beloved Dr. Ahmed El-Kadi RA whose pioneering vision in 1981 gestated FIMA. May Allah SWT shower his soul with His Infinite Mercy and Forgiveness, and grant him the highest paradise in the company of the righteous. It is through the jihad and sacrifices of these noble souls that we have inherited a FIMA which is well entrenched in her mission and values. And these philosophical ideals have been translated into practical forms to emphasise our seriousness in institution building.

CIMCO, the Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges, is one such project to advance medical education, teaching, training and research and to foster collaboration between our medical colleges. It was envisioned in Islamabad in April 2004, under the leadership of our teacher, the late Prof. M. Azhar Khan RA. Some of you were present at this historical inauguration of CIMCO and I hope and pray that we would together endeavour to see to fruition this legacy of our beloved teacher.

I thank our brothers in Pakistan IMA, namely Prof Najib and Prof Hafeez in Peshawar Medical College (PMC), who have voluntarily undertaken the role of CIMCO secretariat to anchor our programs and implementation of our strategic plans

Prof Abdul Rashid, as co-chairperson of CIMCO and our brothers in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) have done a splendid job to put together a transformational program to jump start our philosophical values to practical realities.

My infinite thanks to all of you, exceptionally busy scholars and professors, who have made time to share your invaluable knowhow, skills, research and experience with the FIMA fraternity.

Our predecessors have displayed an "izzah" which is difficult to emulate. But I believe with total "iltizam" from all of you, we are ready to face the challenges ahead and lift CIMCO to a higher pedestal of medical scholarship. It is our shared and cherished goal to regain the leadership of the ummah in the medical sciences.

Kindly accept my profound apologies for not being able to be with you and to greet you personally during this conference. Despite the threat of the pandemic swine flu, I felt it a father’s obligation to attend her daughter’s convocation in Vanderbilt, USA.

I pray to Allah SWT that He bestows upon all of you the best of rewards and bless this meeting of minds and hearts.

Humbly yours
Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin
President FIMA 2005-2009


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