Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Myth 1 Vaccines cause autism
> 100 studies debunk the link bet v & asd (autism spectrum disorders)

WHO, CDC & multiple Institutes of Med concluded - there is NO link bet mmr & asd, thimerosal & asd and few health problems are assoc with v

One study has found that the rates of asd did not differ bet immunized & non-immunized sib groups of children with asd

Myth 2 Vaccines contain more Mercury (thimerosal) now than ever
Most vaccines NEVER contained T. Only hep b, dtp & hib & influenza.

With exception of few influenza v; T was removed completely !

Yet asd rates have NOT declined !

T contains ETHYl Mercury which breaks down and is excreted rapidly

Most studies were on METHYl mercury found in fish, low  level in water, infant formula & breast MILK which is toxic only in high doses!

Yet harmless in minute quantities

A breastfed baby will ingest > 2X Mercury that from V and 15X Mercury found in influenza V

T used in multi dose v vials to prevent bacterial contamination!

Most of us in private practice do single dose vials ie. no T required

Myth 3: Vaccines are made with aborted fetal tissue
•       Varicella, rubella, hepatitis A, shingles and  rabies vaccine are made in fetal embryo fibroblast cells.

•       First obtained from elective termination of two pregnancies in the early 1960s.

•       They were NOT aborted for vaccine research.

•       These cells continue to grow in the laboratory

•       No further sources of fetal cells are needed.

•       No aborted fetal tissue is in the vaccine itself.

Why Human Fetal Cells
•       Viruses grow better in cells from humans than animals.

•       Cells die after about 50 divisions.

•       Fetal cells can go through many more divisions before dying.

•       Unequivocal fatwas related to permissible use of cells or organs from:-
a.    aborted fetuses (Islamic Org of Medical Sciences IOMS 1989, pg 335)

b.   surplus embryos in IVF (IOMS 1987 pg 337)

c.    anencephalic baby (IOMS 1989, pg 340)

Myth 4: Better Hygiene & Sanitation caused decreased Infections, not Vaccines
•Smallpox, diphtheria, polio, measles, etc. began to be eradicated at different times !

•If hygiene and better nutrition were the reasons, wouldn't they all have been eradicated at the same time?

•And why didn't other diseases, like rotavirus and chicken pox, decrease until so much later, when their vaccines were introduced?

•1963 – 400K measles cases. Measles vaccine introduced and 1970 only 25K cases

Myth 5: Too many too soon - overloading the immune system
•The infant’s immune system is more robust that you might think.

•Babies are exposed to countless germs every day and vaccines are simply negligible!

•If all schedule vaccines were given to infants at one time, only 0.1% of the immune system would be used up.

•The immune system would not be overwhelmed since the cells are constantly replenished.

•With today’s vaccines less antigen are used than in the past.

Myth 6:  The HPV vaccine just encourages kids to have sex
•The study "Risk Perceptions and Subsequent Sexual Behaviors After HPV Vaccination in Adolescents" concluded that "risk perceptions after HPV vaccination were not associated with riskier sexual behaviors over the subsequent 6 months.” Pediatrics; Feb 2, 201

•Previous studies showed that "vaccinated, compared with unvaccinated, adolescents were not more likely to initiate sex or participate in risky sexual behaviors after vaccination”


Myth 7: Vaccines don't stay in your system for a lifetime
Vaccines do provide long-lasting protection, and as studies continue, we will likely find that they provide life-long protection, especially live vaccines.

Myth 8: No one else is at risk if I don't vaccinate my kids
Unvaccinated kids and adults pose a risk to others, especially those who are too young to be vaccinated and those with immune system problems (eg., immunodeficiencies, cancers etc) who can't be vaccinated.

Unvaccinated children and adults are responsible for starting most of the outbreaks that we continue to see today.

Almost all of the people who develop measles during outbreaks are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated.

Measles outbreak Europe in 2011: 30,000 people cases, causing 8 deaths, 27 cases of measles encephalitis, and 1,482 cases of pneumonia. 82% were unvaccinated & 13% incompletely vaccinated.

Australia 2014: 227 cases - most were unvaccinated.

United States 2015: 170 cases in 17 states and rising. Most were unvaccinated.

2 to 5% do not respond to their first dose of measles vaccine, which is why a second (booster) dose is recommended. More than 99% develop immunity to measles after two doses of a measles vaccine, like MMR.

Measles is fatal in about 0.2% of cases. It is expensive to contain a measles outbreak.


Right-click and "save as" to download PowerPoint presentations:

Gelatine in Vaccines

Porcine in Vaccines

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IMARET Updates Post-Floods No:6

Kami akan membina sebanyak 14 rumah di Kg Serasa Dabong Kelantan pada May ini bermula dari 9hb May.

Ini adalah tajaan Prudence Foundation.

Kami mengalu-alukan penyertaan sesiapa yg berminat utk volunteer dalam team membina rumah.
Tidak perlu ada pengetahuan mengenai pertukangan atau asas binaan kerana kami akan menyediakan crash course satu hari secara free kepada peserta.

Tiada yuran dikenakan.
Semua perbelanjaan (travel bersama bus kami, makan, tempat tidur (khemah) telah disediakan) ditanggung oleh pihak kami.

Tolong viralkan untuk menarik lebih ramai peserta kerana masih ada slot kosong.

Untuk menyertai, daftar di link di bawah

Sebarang kemusykilan sila ajukan kepada saya atau di website tersebut.

Jazakallahu khairan kathira
Moga usaha kita mendapat keberkatan dari Allah

Dr Syikin Yunus
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IMARET Post Floods Updates No: 5

Project House Relief completed its second house on 20 April 2015.

In collaboration with Rakan Muda @ Kg Jerik a high land area.

Third house will be built from 23-26 April.

Our builds for May can be found in this link.

Volunteers are still welcomed.



IMARET Updates Post-Floods II
Breaking News

Project House Relief near completing a "flood resistant house in Dabong. Construction began 5/3/2015 and continued till now 1930h 9/3/2015. As of now the house is fit to live in. Plumbing and wiring will be installed tomorrow.

It has been a wonderful and amazing experience enriched with all colors of Malaysians & multinationals from multi organisations.
A collaboration and a wealth of creative minds and talents contributing towards this altruistic project.

The dream team:
Ng Seksan, John-Son Oei, Nickson Tan Boon Han, Jeh Tat Wong, Tzu Peng, Stephen To, Edward Ho, Jayne Kennedy, Anouk Dandreou, Shafril Hadi, Zhiyang Soon, Ben Pua, James Lai, Jade Tan, Andrew Yong, Gurpreeg, William Koong
- from Epic Home and Seksan Design who has collaborated with IMARET from Day One in planning and designing the house and also the construction of the home

Biji-Biji Initiatives:
A group of dazzling creatives have given special touch to the house by transforming recycled materials into the roof and walls.
Thank you Azam Hisham, Zoe, Sam Cheetham, Rashvin, Tyska & Peter
Ruben Cortes of EarthShip

The cycling community who brings their enthusiasm & fabulous touch:
Jeffery Lim, Linda Chong, Basikal Akmal , Alex McNab
You guys rock big time!

Handyjobs Studio: of recording and documenting our efforts
Joyce Wan, sanjeev,akash
Cant wait to see the documentary

Other builders:
shahrul shazwani
Shin Chang

Freemarket peeps:
luqman Avicenna

Haikal from MonaLyssa
Luqman (IMARET)
Dexter Goh

Annie Lim who is priceless, super woman who does everything- from settling our tummy with scrumptious food with Pok Mat and Makcik Ani, quenching our thirst and being the ever dependable runner. We are lucky to have you in our team!

The youths of UM's QS & Built Environment Faculty

Mas Auni
Nor anizah
amir hamzah
wan nor shahira
amin nasrin

Dr Faizul: UM's lecturer

IMARET's medical team who have provided medical standby at site, Mobile clinics in the villages, brought a boat to a settlement and gave psychological first aid program to the school children at SK Jelawang
Munawwar Helmi Aneesa Abdul Rashid Azlan Helmy Abd Samat Hanif Mahmud Syafiz Ahmad Ahmad Yusuf Yahaya Farhana, Hidayah, Siti Afifah Abd Manas, prof Ikram, Munirah, Rafidah, Mustaqim and Monalyssa Band
and Azri of Small Changes

FreeMarket & Food Aid who have provided FreeMarket Canteen at SK Jelawang
and also goodies for kids and community At long last we meet! Hayati Ismail

Abg Irham and Mizi and other Abangs of 4WD teams who have accompanied us and provided us with valuable transport

JPJ Abangs who rock and patiently drove us everywhere

Pakcik Ali and Lan our bus driver

encik Rashid who have worked with imaret since day one

Good souls of malaysia who have donated the money for the house

May God bless you all

May this be the spark.




IMARET Updates Post-Floods I
6 March 2015

2140h: our bus of 40 people and 2 4WDs moved to Kelantan from Bukit Jalil.

A diverse group of malaysians, and friends from Hong Kong, Holland, UK & Russia.

Project House Relief PHR is now formally launched
It functions as an open platform that connects organisations together and also encourage collaborations

IMARET with Epic Home will guide other NGOs or corporation in this project.

For more info:
(website is supported by Hong Leong Bank)

One of the fundraising campaign that was done is Pledge Your AngPows.

Next will be "Spirit of Ramadhan"
Pledge Your Duit Raya, KidsForKids campaigns.


Working through the night to build the foundation of the "flood proof" house

Breaking news from Kg Stong

Highly spirited > 50 volunteers, has commenced the construction work. They were devided into 5 teams. Manager on site : nickson of epics home.

The owner of the house: en aziz is also one of the volunteers.

Ng Seksan the lanscape architect is enjoying it.

An awesome epic togetherness, a testimony of unity.

RTM and Handyjob videographers are documenting the whole progress.

IMARET Dr Munawar , Dr Syikin and Dr Azlan are managing the medical, and overall coordination.