Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

In our mainstream media (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Three trucks filled with medical & surgical supplies were allowed entry into Gaza whilst Israel show no signs of relenting in its bombardment of the 1.7 million citizens of Gaza.

The supplies are purchased in Cairo courtesy of AMU a partner of FIMA/VPM.

This effort is the global initiative of FIMA with 40 of its affiliate (IMA) world wide.

The chairman of FIMA Advisory Council, said that special permission was obtained from the Egyptian authorities for this consignment of supplies.

Egyptian doctors are currently based in AMU HQ on standby to enter Gaza anytime once permission is granted by the  Egyptian intelligence.

He adds that FIMA will despatch about 10 specialist doctors, namely neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and anaesthesiologists in the first phase. Doctors from IMA North America are on standby for the second phase.

They will be there for a period of 1-2 weeks depending on the medical & surgical needs of the Ministry of Health Gaza.

Unfortunately, the entry & exit point at the Rafah crossings has been tightened and is at the behest of the Egyptian Intelligence.

Berita Harian 15 July 2014. Page 11.

17 Ramadhan 1435 / 15 July 2014
FIMA Gaza Updates No 8:


Bros and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum!

Trust that you are all in good health and enjoying the bounties of this holy month IA. Jazakum’Allah Khair for all your noble deeds, efforts and support during this critical period  in the lives of our besieged brothers and sisters in Gaza and Palestine.

Please find attached on your emails a list of essential medicines, consumables, supplies and equipment desperately needed to care and treat the multitude of severe injuries streaming into the overcrowded and debilitated health facilities in Gaza.

Your urgent response is demanded to save the lives of all these innocent women and children, the majority of those injured. If you have not done so already, start collection drives among your members, families, friends, colleagues and associates. Once collected, kindly communicate your intention with me (see contact details below) and we will expedite the delivery of your contribution to those most needy or bring your contributions to the FIMA Council meeting in Arusha. Tanzania.

Our partners in Gaza & Egypt, Arab Medical Union AMU (Dr Hassan), Dr Malik of Palestine International  Medical Agency (PIMA) & Dr Omar of Islamic Medical Association Egypt (IMAE) have already offloaded much need medical & surgical supplies in the past 48 hours immediately after Rafah crossing was opened.

Jazakum’Allah Khair

Dr Ashraf Jedaar
Director FIMA Relief
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Banking Details
Account name: FIMA
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Branch: Constantia
Account no: 071848770
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Dr Musa MN
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Chairman FIMA Advisory Council/VPM

FIMA Relief Updates 7:
VPM Viva Palestina Malaysia & FIMA will fund the Iftar of "murabitoon" aka guardians of Al-Aqsa and the  people of alquds who come to pray.

The iftar is held in the large open space outside  the mosque for about 500-600 people. This will be on the 20th of Ramadhan. Our VPM rep in Gaza Hani Thuraya of Darul Quran Wa Sunnah DQWS is making all the necessary arrangements.

The Gaza genoicide must not detract us from the evil that is being conspired under the foundations of Al-Aqsa.

The Haram is under the protection of Allah & His Angels & the Murobitoons.

Dr Ashraf
Director FIMA Relief

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
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