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Gaza Appeal Ramadhan 2014

Israel commenced its “Operation Protective Edge” on Tuesday 8 July/10 Ramadhan 2014 with a merciless barrage of more than 400 aerial attacks causing devastation and destruction in its wake. Over the past 48 hours, nearly 100 innocent victims were killed and over 500 seriously injured, the majority of whom were women and children. Homes, commercial buildings, roads, masajid and even health facilities were destroyed by these illegal and barbaric attacks. These figures are expected to escalate dramatically as the invasion continues.

Gaza’s health facilities have been strangled over the past few years since the last invasion during 2009 with blockage of all access points and an embargo on essential supplies and equipment including fuel and electricity. With the recent dramatic influx of casualties, Gaza’s health facilities and its personnel are struggling to continue its services. They urgently require medicines, surgical supplies and disposables, saline and other fluids. The displaced population require clothing, blankets, shelter, food, drinking water, sanitation and other humanitarian aids.

FIMA has embarked on its relief operation by purchasing these essential items with the assistance of a local partner, PIMA (Palestinian International Medical Aid). We further appeal to all IMA’s to coordinate medical missions to assist the struggling medical facilities in Gaza (health officials with experience in emergency medicine, surgery and orthopaedics). With the volatility of the situation, the Rafah border will be opened periodically for this purpose. Please find our banking details attached below.

May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions during this blessed month of Ramadhan. All forms of charity are acceptable including Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah

Dr Ashraf Jedaar
FIMA Relief

Acct name: FIMA
(Standard Bank of South Africa)

Constantia branch: 025309

Acct no: 071848770


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