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Earthquake in Pakistan

The earth quake started at 8:50 hrs local time. Our houses were jolted like anything. A large tower collapsed in Islamabad . Still about 200-300 people are in there trapped. PIMA hospital is taking most of the emergencies. The news from Northern area like Abbottabad District and from capital of Kashmir Muzzaferabad is that there is vast devastation. Thousands of people are feared dead as whole villages are wiped out. The native village of Dr. Iqbal Khan ( PIMA Secretary) is flat .Out of 800 population 500 are dead.

We directed all units of PIMA to provide immediate relief in their areas. Our mission is on its way. We have made Jilani Orthopedic Hospital In Abbottabad as base camp. Dr. Abdus Samad is Director of PIMA Relief. His mobile is 0092333 9126739. We have appealed local doctor population for help . I think more will be needed.

Over 18000 dead and 50000 injured up till now. Most deaths in Kashmir . Road links still cut off. Hopefully restored today. Trying airlift of doctors and relief goods. 3 trucks of medicine and tents foods and many team of doctors reached. Need medicine, tents, and blankets.

Account details are  $ account- PIMA Relief account # 0014-2 Muslim Commercial Bank, Markaz F-7,Branch Code 1160, Islamabad. Pak Rupee account  same bank account # 1306-9. Details of all donations and expenditure will be kept. Money shall only be used for earth quake relief. Another base camp in PIMA- Kashmir Surgical hospital Muzzafarabad will open as soon as road link opens

Dr. Iqbal Khan in Muzzaferabad. He reported total devastation. People need tents, blankets food, candles and torches, drinking water and even tissues in addition to analgesics, antibiotics, bandages etc. we are buying these items and sending.

Mercy donated medicine food blankets and tents. Uk Islamic Mission also promises for donation.

Earthquake Pictures:

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