Message from the President August-September 2014

The 31st FIMA council meeting concluded successfully in Arusha, Tanzania with very productive and interactive business sessions. The working of FIMA, its various projects including FIMA relief, FIMA Save-Vision, FIMA Save-Smile, etc were discussed at large.

The reports of IMAs were presented and exchanges of experiences and newer avenues were also explored and shared with sister IMAs.

The 2nd IMANA-FIMA scienfitic convention (IMANA's 47th Annual and 12th International event) was another successful event which was held on 9-10th August 2014.

Very high standard par excellence lecture on original research, review and case studies were delivered by a luminous faculty from USA and overseas. The session was chaired and organized by Dr. Ayaz Samdani, past president of IMANA and currently a member of its board of regents.

Subsequently, the thrilling African Safari was started from Arusha to Serengeti Park, the delegates enjoyed an unforgettable week in the lush green jungles of East Africa and witnessed wildlife and huge migrations of hundreds of thousands of wild animals in a huge natural park to preserve the ecosystem.

The delegates also visited Ngorongoro park which has the world's largest volcanic crater and house flocks of animals of all kind. The scene was spectacular and amazing.

The 32nd FIMA council meeting will be held in Makkasar, Indonesia in October 2015 on invitation of Indonesian Islamic Medical Association. FIMA fraternity looks forward to seeing you there. Inshallah.

The FIMA Gazza relief group focused on delivery of medicine and medical supplies to the already destroyed healthcare facilities inside Gazza. Last week, another consignment of 6 trucks worth USD 200K was delivered.

FIMA Gazza relief is working hard on dispatch of ambulances for which permission is in the process of finalization. FIMA Relief Chair Dr. Ashraf Jedaar has appealed all the IMAs to send a database of volunteers who can offer their professional services in Gazza hospitals. The specialists presently required are Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Vascular Surgeons.

FIMA also reiterates its commitment to Kuala Lumpur Declaration 2012 to play its vital role in improving the preventive healthcare facilities in the Muslim world keeping in view our commitment to MDG.

The Polio Eradication Initiative has been strongly supported by FIMA and its affiliate, and meetings are held in the endemic countries to improve the perception of Muslim physicians in combating the rising incidence of non-compliance for vaccinating the children. FIMA is also partnering with WHO and other agencies and is actively engaged to achieve the targets.

The 16th FIMA Students Camp will be held in Bandung, Indonesia in January 2015. The details will follow soon, all the IMAs are requested to nominate their delegates well ahead of time so as to avoid any inconvenience, as the international traveling is becoming cumbersome and arrangements are time consuming.

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi
President, FIMA

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