Jogja Speech

Our Honourable Chief Guest, Haji Muhammad Yusuf Kalla, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia
All our distinguished guests :
The Coordinating Minister of Economy
The Coordinating Minister of People’s Welfare
The Minister of Health
The Minister of National Education
The Minister of Social Affairs
The Minister of Religious Affairs
The State Minister of National Development Planning

His Royal Highness, Sri Sultan Hameng Ku Bowono, Governor of Jogjakarta Province
Haji Mardiyanto Govenor o Central Java
All MUSPIDA Members of Jogjakarta Province

Prof. Rusdi Lamsudin, Chairman of the OC
All our distinguished delegates
Ladies & Gentlemen.

FIMA 2006 in Indonesia is exceptional because 4 major international events have been programmed in succession

The 8th FIMA International Student Camp was held in Bandungan, Semarang from 11-15 July. 150 medical students from 11 different countries participated in the camp. The 100 boys and 50 girls had a wonderful time undergoing a holistic program to embrace the concept of the 5 star medical student.

I would like to thank our bros & sis in FOKI (Indon. Forum of Islamic Medicine); MUKISI (Fed. of Indon. Islamic Hospitals) IMANI (Islamic Medical Assoc. & Network of Indon) and the Rector and staff of UNISULA (Universiti Islam Sultan Agung) for the excellent hosting of the camp.

Yesterday we concluded our 23rd FIMA Council Meeting attended by rep of IMAs from all over the world. FIMA has 50 country IMAs affliated to it with a representation of about 50,000 doctors.

In the next 2 days, we would be deliberating on major issues related to disaster management in our FIMA International Scientific Convention.

3 collossal calamities have struck humanity within a short space of time. Many of our IMAs have direct experience of the rage of the Tsunami, the Earthquakes and Hurricane Katrina. Apart from dissecting the medico-psycho-social and economic ramifications of these natural disasters, it affords us an excellent opportunity to plan ahead for better collaboration and preparedness.

We emphatise with our Indon bros and sis on the recent Tsunami & Earthquakes. FIMA & her partners in humanitarian relief have been present in large numbers to assist in the acute medical response and medium term recovery needs. And through the offices of IMA Indonesia we would continue to assist in the long term needs of capacity building.

The International Convention would be followed by 2 international workshops on Medical Education & Hospital Management from an Islamic perspective.

It now leaves me to thank the IMA of Indonesia for their marvelous organization of the 4 international events. It augurs well for the excellent collaboration between FOKI, MUKISI & IMANI.

I would like to thank Prof. Rusdi Lamsuddin for his distinguished leadership and all members of his OC for their hardwork over the past 12 months.

My sincere thanks to all members of IMAs who have traveled from far and wide to attend this annual FIMA convention.

On behalf of FIMA, I would like to thank our Honourable Chief Guest, Hj. Muhammad Yusuf Kalla, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia for his gracious presence in inaugurating our FIMA International Scientific Convention.

Wabillahi Taufiq Wal Hidayah
Wassalamu alaikum WBT

Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin
Federation of Islamic Medical Associations

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