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Intro to Convention 2006


Dear brothers & sisters in all IMAs (Islamic Medical Associations) and friends of FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations).

I hope you are all well. We probably last met during the successful FIMA event in Sanaa’, Yemen in April 2005. Our annual FIMA get together has always been a catalyst towards strengthening the bond and fraternity between our universal family of health and medical professionals.

FIMA 2006 will be moved to Asia, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This year would be exceptional because 3 major international events have been programmed in succession; namely :

  1. 8th FIMA INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CAMP : 11-15 July 2006
  2. 23rd FIMA COUNCIL MEETING : 17-18 July 2006

You would be able to acquire further information of these events from the official convention website http://www.fima2006.org or from our FIMA website http://www.fimawb.org. It also enables you to register on-line.

I hope you would all begin to make early preparations to attend this meeting. Our brothers in Indonesia have worked extremely hard to put together a very exciting scientific and social programme. The latter has always been an attractive feature of all our FIMA meetings to foster the ties of ukhuwah (brotherhood) and mahabbah (love).

Three colossal calamities have struck humanity within a short space of time. This scientific convention attempts to address some of the major issues which have beset our humanitarian relief efforts and disaster preparedness strategies. Many of our IMAS have direct experience of the rage of the Tsunami, earthquake and hurricane Katrina. Apart from dissecting the medico-psycho-social and economic ramifications of these natural disasters it affords us an opportunity to plan ahead for better collaboration and preparedness.

Student activities has always been highly prioritized in our FIMA scheme since they are our inheritors. Hence the preceding International Student Camp in Semarang. I hope all IMAs would publicise this event to your student chapters to ensure optimal participation. All the student requires to do is to purchase a plane ticket to Indonesia, the rest would be borne by us.

It leaves me to thank Prof. Jurnalis (FOKI), Dr. Sumardi (MUKISI), Dr. Jamal (IMANI) and the entire team in Indonesia for all their dedicated efforts to make FIMA 2006 a memorable one. Prof. Rusdi Lamsudin and Dr. H. Muktasim Billah has been key resource persons in the planning of the International Convention and the Student Camp respectively. May Allah bless all their good deeds.

Humbly yours

Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin
President FIMA 2005-2007
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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