FIMA Gaza Relief Updates 7

FIMA Relief Updates 7:
VPM Viva Palestina Malaysia & FIMA will fund the Iftar of "murabitoon" aka guardians of Al-Aqsa and theĀ  people of alquds who come to pray.

The iftar is held in the large open space outsideĀ  the mosque for about 500-600 people. This will be on the 20th of Ramadhan. Our VPM rep in Gaza Hani Thuraya of Darul Quran Wa Sunnah DQWS is making all the necessary arrangements.

The Gaza genoicide must not detract us from the evil that is being conspired under the foundations of Al-Aqsa.

The Haram is under the protection of Allah & His Angels & the Murobitoons.

Dr Ashraf
Director FIMA Relief

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
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Last modified on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 19:01
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