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Salams, Peace Blessings

From the FIMA council meeting in Tanzania we travelled to Masai Mara, Kenya. The wild animals in the safari taught us and I hope eventually the Zionist Israelis a lesson in peaceful coexistence. 800K wildebeest migrated from Tanzania together with the zebras, gazelles & deers etal.

The Palestinian Muslims & Christians who constituted 95% of the indigenous people of Palestine pre 1948 were forced out of their lands & 400+ of their villages burnt & destroyed.

The terms of the ceasefire among others stipulated a return to the borders of 1967 (not even 1948) and restoration of the inalienable rights of any country - a sea port, a fishing zone, airport, lifting of the illegitimate siege, end the occupation. These are basic human rights and thus non-negotiable.

Wild animals in the following pixs have loads to teach us homo sapiens!

Dr Musa
Lake Nakuru


Wildebeest & zebras & birds on the torso of the zebras


The giraffe even said hello to us humans :)


Neither did the lioness growl at us peering & eaves-dropping humans. Let alone fire hellfire missiles from F16s or warships :)


Nor the giant African elephants act like big bullies and trampled us to smithereens like the Zionists did to Gaza's civil infrastructure - UN schools, hospitals, playground, homes, NGO offices, mosques ...To call these acts animalistic would be doing gross injustice to these safari of the Most Compassionate Most Merciful!

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