Dr. Tanveer Zubairi

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi

It was an honor, absolute pleasure, and a matter of extreme delight for FIMA and local organizers to host the 32nd FIMA Council Meeting and FIMA-IMANI-MUKISI Scientific Meetings in Makassar-Indonesia in collaboration with IMANI and UMI.

On behalf of FIMA Executive Committee, I take this opportunity to thank all the participants who attended the proceedings of the 32nd FIMA Council Meeting and FIMA-IMANI-MUKISI Scientific Convention 2015.

In spite of limitation of extended engagements, our local hosts headed by Dr. Shulhana Mokhtar tried their best to accommodate a large number of national and international delegates and arranged a very proactive, useful, and productive series of meetings, including FIMA Save-Vision eye camp, visit to boarding school of UMI, medical students camp, FIMA pre-council and post-council exco meetings, FIMA 32nd council meeting, FIMA-IMANI-MUKISI scientific meetings, CMCO-FOKI meeting, workshops, IHC-MUKISI meeting and sightseeing programs.

The delegates also thoroughly enjoyed very elaborate and sumptuous dinners arrange and hosted by Dr. Mokhtar, President Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Mayor of Makassar, and Governor of South Sulawesi at their residences.

The 32nd FIMA council meeting was very well attended with a record number of delegates participating actively in its proceedings, followed subsequently by IMANI-MUKISI scientific convention.

The delefates had an exciting experience and taken these special moments home with them. The local sight seeing and breathtaking scene of Bantimurung, Fort Rotterdam, Samalona Island, theme park and Paotere Harbor, etc will carry memories worth remembering.

All those FIMA fraternity members who could not make it to Makassar due to various reasons are welcome to prepare beforehand for the next 33rd FIMA council meeting and FIMA-IMANA scientific convention in July 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Jazakum'Allah Khair

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi
President, FIMA

Dear Sir/Madam

Assalamu alikum WRWB

Hope you are in the best of your health and spirits.
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Dear Colleagues
Assalamu alaikum

Although the notice is short but our energetic young medicos will find it challenging to join us at an exciting and memorable  Medical students Camp in

Makassar Indonesia as a parallel program to 32nd FIMA Council Meeting and International Scientific Convention. (11-16th August-2015)

You are cordially invited to attend.

“Developing Islamic brotherhood in medical education institutes to shape a professional character of Muslim doctors”