Somali Children's Health: Polio and Other Immunizations

FIMA President attends meeting on “Somali Children’s health: Polio and other immunizations” in Khartoum, Sudan.

FIMA President attended a meeting on “Somali Children’s health: Polio and other immunizations in Khartoum, Sudan on January 28-29th 2015. The meeting was attended by members of International Islamic advisory group on Polio eradication and Immunization, Religious scholars and doctors from Somalia and Sudan. The meeting was inaugurated by Dr Essam Eldin Mohamed Abdullah, Deputy to Federal Health minister in Sudan.

Prominent representatives from different regions of Somalia arrived at  an agreement to form action groups in their respective areas that will seek to encourage and support polio and other immunization programs and to tackle barriers and misconceptions obstructing such vaccinations and other critical public health interventions.

The meeting, organized by the Islamic Advisory Group for Polio Eradication (IAG) in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan, called for strong support to national and global efforts for polio eradication and vaccinations against childhood illnesses in Somalia. The call was made in a statement issued at the end of the meeting that has brought together Muslim scholars, officials, civil and community leaders, health experts, communicators and other influencers from regions of Somalia as well as from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Pakistan.

The situation of polio/immunization in Mogadishu and central Somalia and the root causes of barriers and reasons for refusal were also discussed. FIMA President Dr. Tanveer Zubairi (member of IAG) also addressed the meeting, the topic of his presentation was “Immunization and child healthcare status in Muslim Countries”. The role of religious, civil, and other community leaders and influencers was  also thrashed out and suggestion were made to look for a way forward with emphasis on increasing awareness of general public and addressing the issues of non-compliance, refusal and security of immunization workers. Meeting was concluded following a well attended press briefing.

Somali Children’s Health: Polio and immunization

FIMA President addressing the meeting

In the plenary a session with Dr Maryan Osman, the former Health Minister Somali and Dr Bahaa of WHO

Attended a meeting with office bearers of SIMA (Sudanese Islamic medical Association) Dr. Al Bagir and Dr. Ismail Bashariya with Mr Hasabo Rasul, Manger SIMA

With Dr Essam Eldin Mohamed Abdullah, Deputy to Federal Health minister in Sudan

President FIMA Dr Tanveer Zubairi received by Dr Afaff Khalifa and Mr Hasabo Rasool

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