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It said that some 5.3m people were now affected by the floods, caused by days of torrential rains.

More than 200 people have already been killed by the floods, reports say.

The growing crisis is already being compared with last year's devastating floods.

Millions were displaced across the country and about 2,000 people died as torrential monsoon rains in 2010 caused rivers to burst their banks, washing away homes and property. Sindh was one of the worst affected regions.

IMANA Relief in collaboration with its partner organization in Pakistan PIMA has started a campaign to extend medical and humanitarian relief service for flood affected population of Mirpur Khas, Hala and Badin in the first phase.

IMANA relief’s fully equipped mobile hospital has been moved to Mirpur Khas and is working day and night to extend emergency medical support to thousands of stranded people who are forced to take refuge on the roadsides and a few spared government schools.

So far more than 1500 patients have been examined and supplied medicine, a few minor surgical procedures were also conducted.

There are other 7 teams of PIMA doctors working at various sites and around 25 doctors, paramedics and relief workers have so far examined more than 4400 patients and supplied them with medicine.

The IMANA –PIMA relief team is in need of more supply of medicine and food supplements. An appeal is made to all to help the affected masses at this hour of need.

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As you are aware of the heavy loss inflicted to the lives and property due to the devastating floods encompassing a large area of Pakistan during the last summers and its aftermath. Pakistan Islamic Medical Association(PIMA relief) was amongst the first responders to be joined immediately by other FIMA members and partner organisations. There was an excellent harmony and joint collaborations amongst these medical releif providers. PIMA’s flood relief efforts were strongly substantiated by IMANA, IMAM, MERCY Malaysia, IMANI, MER-C Indonesia, Jordan Medical Society for Islamic studies, Arab Medical Union, IMA Egypt, DWW(Turkey), IMA Sri Lanka and many others.

In response to the ever increasing number of women and children in need of health care sevices, FIMA launched its first “Mobile Mother and Child Clinic” in collaboration with PIMA. DWW(Turkey) IMA Indonesia, Jordan Medical Society for Islamic Studies under the able guidance of Prof Aly Mishal & Muslim Aid (UK). The fleet equipped with most modern gadgetry and medical supplies has been working since Jan 2011 in the worst flood hit areas of South Punjab and is providing medical services to those who can’t afford to move to cities and towns for medical help. Around 100 patients are examined daily and around 4000 lab tests, ultrasound exams and minor OB/GYN and surgical procedures have been  carried out.

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi
FIMA Secretary; 8-2 Gulberg Complex, Jail Road

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