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Update on FIMAs Call of Action for Eradication of Polio

Dear All members of FIMA Exco

Assalmu Alaikum
The response to FIMAs call for Action for polio eradication has been overwhelming. We officially launched it on 24th October and the appeal was displayed on the FIMA website ( President FIMA held a press conference in Lahore and the news conference was attended by the office bearers of Pakistan Pediatrics Association, Pakistan Medical Association, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association and Academy of Family Physicians of Pakistan.  It was covered by National and International media. Another press conference was held by PIMA centre in Islamabad, it was also attended by Dr. Aly Mishal who was visiting Islamabad to deliver a lecture in an ICRC meeting.
Enclosed please find its global coverage. FIMA has been quoted at various international health meetings and its services have been appreciated. These efforts are being done as a commitment to our Kuala Lumpur Declaration 2012 and our recent commitments with WHO and OIC. We will be starting its third round to get signatures from Muslim Physicians as a support from all over the world.
Enclosed please find the ppt. on Media coverage.
Download PowerPoint file: 2014 11 FIMA-MDD coverage report unite in call to eradicate polio
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