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FIMA Relief In Bunda Ache - Indonesia.
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The President

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Re: Tsunami Aceh Crisis
Assalamu Alaikum!

As you are all painfully aware South East Asia was devastated by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami tidal waves bringing death and destruction to many regions in the Indian Ocean.

Thus far more than 125000 people have been killed, over a million homeless or displaced without essential care and many more injured or affected by disease. The death toll is expected to rise dramatically if essential emergency services are not established soon.

Entire villages have been destroyed with both person and property destruction. Decomposing bodies are strewn between the rubble spreading disease, stagnant water, lack of pure/clean drinking water, and no food supplies for days, no accessible roads, are but some of the difficulties experienced.

The worst affected areas include the following:

  • Aceh province in Sumatra, Northern Indonesia

  • Southern Thailand including Phuket

  • Sri Lanka coastal regions

  • South East India

Our brothers and sisters in these regions need your urgent assistance. The IMA of Network Indonesia (IMANI) has established an emergency relief committee (Crisis Centre BSMI – Red Crescent of Indonesia) under the leadership of Dr Jamal Muhammad, who was appointed as the FIMA relief representative in that region as well.

As a result of the destroyed infrastructure and transport systems, it is best to send cash donations to the region with deposits into the following account:

Att: Dr Wahyu Sulistiadi

BCA Margonda

Depok Indonesia

Account number: 8690263352

For further up-to-date information, please contact the following:

  • Dr Jamal Muhammad (Chairperson IMANI)                      +628129533303
  • Dr Bambang                                                                            +628121356454
  • Dr Wahyu Sulistiadi (Vice-chairman)                                +628161853130
  • Dr Mirza                                                                                   +6286191955108
  • Dr Basuki (Chairperson Red Crescent of Indonesia)      +628129389649
  • Or myself: Dr Ashraf Jedaar (FIMA Relief Coordinator)  +27836754103

Emergency medical relief teams are also urgently need in these regions, both now and over the next few months of rehabilitation and reconstruction to deal with the risks of disease and injuries. Please organize your volunteers under their respective IMA and liaise with me or Dr Jamal Muhammad.

Our brothers and sisters devastated by this unprecedented catastrophe need your assistance now. So please donate generously to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Jazakallah Kharun
Dr Ashraf Jedaar
FIMA Relief Coordinator

FIMA Secretary Statement

Fima Executive commitee by its E communication decided to launch an active compaign for the help of effectees of Tsunami Waves in the South East Asia. As a result of active communication it decided to appoint Dr Jamal Mahmood, Chairman of IMANI as the coordinator of Fima Relief Activity for this region under the supervision of Fima Relief Coordinator, Dr Ashraf Jedaar.

Fima President and other Ex Co members are contantly watching the activity with deep concern.

Following steps have been taken so for.

A letter of appeal has been circulated both from Relief Coordinator and Secretary Fima to all IMAs and affilliated NGOs.
Many IMAs and NGOs responded quickly and started the compaign in their own countries.
Teams of doctors from IMAM and IMANI are already working in ACHE.
A team of Five doctors is ready to leave on Saturday from PIMA( Pakistan)inshaAllah.
Teams of voluntiers from IMASA(South Africa) and IMAKSA(Saudi Arabia) are also planning to join.
Funds Collecting derives are actively launched by many other IMAs and soon they will be transferring their donation to the effected areas through the account mentioned.


For Contact.
Dr Jamal uddin
Dr Wahyu Sulistiadi
Dr Mirza
Dr Bambang

These doctors are in Jakarta at the moment and Dr Jamal Mohammad is in Ache, supervising the relief activity.

E mail addresses.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Doctors of Pima Arrived in Ache and started medical relief under the umbrella of FIMA.

The first Relief Mission of PIMA and AlKhidmat left for Indonesia on 10th of Jan. This mission is headed by Dr Mohammad Iqbal, General Secretary of PIMA and includes Prof Zafarullah Kundi who is an eminent Pediatrician of the country, Dr Nadeem Ahmed Kiani, Dr Anas Farhan Qazi and an IT expert Engineer Imtiaz Ahmed.

Tsunami relief mission of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has started relief activities in worst-hit Aceh island of Indonesia.
The PIMA mission carried some 130 kilogram load of medicines with them from Pakistan and plan to procure more medicines on request cum demand basis from Jakarta.

On their arrival at Jakarta, Islamic Medical Association and Network of Indonesia (IMANI) received the PIMA delegation at Jakarta airport.
Chairman IMANI, Dr. Jamal Mohammad, who is working as the Coordinator for FIMA Relief Activities in Indonesia briefed the Pakistani doctors about the situation in Aceh.
Later, PIMA volunteers visited office of the Red Crescent Indonesia and exchanged views on the modus operandi of relief operations.

The chairman Red Crescent Indonesia (RCI) also briefed them about the situation of Aceh and the working of other NGOs. The RCI is the first NGO to arrive after the Tsunami disaster. He said situation in Indonesia is very grave. Dead bodies are still lying unburied, and about seventy thousand people are also missing. PIMA volunteers have called upon Fima and its member organizations to speed up their fund raising drive so that adequate relief could be provided to marooned people in Indonesia and elsewhere.

PIMA doctors are working in a hospital of ACHE , the doctors of which either left or died in the crisis. This team performed many surgeries and examined a number of patients.

PIMA is seriously thinking to take over this hospital and arrange doctors of different specialties, medicine and consumables

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