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THE 33rd Annual IMA Convention - Somerset West Cape Town

The beautiful mother city hosted this years annual IMA convention. Cape Town and its organizers welcomed FIMA delegates, the MSA and the IMA with warmth hospitality and a jam packed programme that filled the weekend with inspirational, educational presentations, programmes and so much more. The theme of this years convention was "Quality in Healthcare" and as Convenor Riaz Ismail stated " The theme "Quaility in Healthcare" is an important one, for more often than not, a compromise solution is found between service delivery and the most effective solution. The balance is an important one but should err on the side of Quality. The topics chosen try to strike that balance and give the delegates the ability to make an informed choice"

This year our convention incorporated the annual FIMA (International Federation of IMAs)which added an international flavour to the convention. A variety of excellent local and international speakers delivered a unique and enlightening experience to all that attended!


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The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) is a registered body of 29 IMAs and 17 associate members worldwide, representing about 50,000 Muslim medical and health professionals. The mission of FIMA is to provide a platform for Muslim Physicians world wide in the areas of Medical education and ethics, Student camps and humanitarian and medical relief. It is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-Governmental organization.

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