Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin



(Revised and Approved by Council in September 2013)


Article 1: Preamble.
Article II: Name.
Article III: Aims and Objectives.
Article IV: Membership.
Article V: Organizational structure.
Article VI: General

Article VII: Council.
Article VIII: Executive Committee.
Article IX: Advisory Council.
Article X: Meetings.
Article XI: Quorum
Article XII: Majority
Article XIII: Nomination and Elections of Executive Committee Members.


In 1981, a group of Muslim physicians and health care professionals from Canada, United States of America, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Jordan, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Eire, met in Orlando, Florida, USA. They discussed the need for an organization to unite Islamic health care associations in the world under one banner. Thus the FEDERATION OF ISLAMIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS (FIMA) was launched. Believing that:

1.1 Islam is the universal religion, a blessing to mankind and a complete way of life with its own God ordained laws, code of life and value system incorporating the Islamic ethical and moral code.

1.2 The sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Allah and that He is the source of all knowledge and truth.

1.3 Allah has sent down the Holy Qura’n and His Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) as the guide in all our endeavors. Thus we, who have been entrusted with the health care of His creation hereby adopt this Constitution in our humble efforts to seek His eternal pleasure.

2.1: The name of the organization shall be the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations, hereinafter referred to as FIMA.

3.1: To foster the unity and welfare of Muslim medical and health care professionals all over the world. 3.2: To promote Islamic medical activities including health services, education and research, through cooperation and coordination among member organizations.

3.3: To promote the understanding and application of Islamic principles in the field of medicine.

3.4: To mobilize professional and economic resources in order to provide medical care and relief to affected areas and communities.

3.5: To promote the exchange of medical information and technical data and expertise among member organizations.


Any bona fide Islamic Medical Association (IMA) or organization of Muslim health care professionals or founding member in good standing may become a member provided that: It subscribes to the Preamble of the FIMA Constitution. It agrees to abide by the Aims and Objectives of FIMA. It has a constitution that agrees in principle with the FIMA Constitution. It holds elections and periodical meetings of its members. It publishes an annual report. It submits an application form to the Secretary and pays the prescribed fees. Its application is approved by the FIMA Council.

4.1.2: ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Associate membership is offered to: Any Muslim health care, education, research or welfare organization which subscribes to the spirit of the Preamble and the Aims and Objectives of FIMA. Submits an application form to the secretary and pays the prescribed fees. Its application is approved by the FIMA Council.

4.1.3: HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: The council may offer honorary membership to any healthcare, or health related educational, research or welfare organization which has interest in the promotion and welfare of FIMA.

4.2.1: Only full members of FIMA have the right to vote.

4.2.2: Each full member of FIMA has one vote.

Subscriptions shall be as determined by the Council at its annual meetings. The annual subscription shall be payable on or before the date of the annual Council meeting and will be for the calendar year only. Failure to pay the subscription for two (2) consecutive years will result in the member organization ceasing to exercise its rights as a full member, including the power to vote. It, however, may still participate as an observer.

5.1.1: The Council shall be the highest policy making body of FIMA.

5.1.2: Composition: The Council shall consist of: One representative from each full member organization, preferably the president. And one representative from each associate member, but with no voting rights.

5.2.1: COMPOSITION The Executive Committee shall be comprised of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, three (3) committee members, the ex-president and the executive director.


5.3.1: The FIMA Advisory Council, hereinafter referred to as AC, shall consist of FIMA past presidents, FIMA Lifetime Achievement Awards Recipients and senior FIMA members who have made major contributions towards FIMA projects and activities.

5.3.2: AC membership shall not exceed 12 members.

5.3.3: AC members shall be elected by the FIMA Council as prescribed by the ByLaws.

6.1.1 Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by the Executive Committee, or the Council, or by a petition signed by at least three full member organisations in good standing.

6.1.2 The proposed amendments must reach the Secretary at least two months before the Annual Council Meeting, and it shall be circulated to the voting members not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Council Meeting.

6.1.3 The Constitution shall only be amended during the Annual Council Meeting by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the total voting members who are in good standing.

6.2.1 The decision to dissolve FIMA can only be taken at a Council meeting by a seventy five percent (75%) majority of the total voting members who are in good standing.

6.2.2 In the event of the dissolution of FIMA, the Council of FIMA, after paying or making provision for payment of all liabilities, shall distribute the remaining assets among existing member organisations in good standing.

Every member of the Council or the Executive Committee of FIMA shall be and is hereby indemnified against losses, expenses for damages incurred in the discharge of, or arising out of his duties; nor shall he be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other member; unless the same happens through his own dishonesty, in which case he shall be liable.


7.1: DUTIES: The Council shall:
7.1.1: Ensure that the objectives of FIMA are being fulfilled.

7.1.2: Elect the Executive Committee, monitor its activities and elect members of the Advisory Council.

7.1.3: Appoint the sub-committees and monitor their activities.

7.1.4: Decide on the dates and venues of Council meetings.

7.1.5: Approve or reject new applications for membership.

7.1.6: Act as the disciplinary committee with the powers to expel, suspend or reprimand member organizations or the executives.

7.1.7: Be responsible for promoting the idea of FIMA internationally and enhance the formation of national bodies so as to enlarge the membership base of FIMA.

7.1.8: Is responsible for all major financial decisions and general funding of FIMA.

7.1.9: Meet at least once a year to review the work of the Federation, receive the executive and subcommittee reports, and to approve annual audited financial statements.

7.1.10: Be the final arbiter in the interpretation of this Constitution.

8.1.1: To implement the Council decisions., for the general administration of the affairs of FIMA.

8.1.2: To present an annual report to the Council outlining all its activities.

8.1.3: To keep books of account, open banking accounts, and to present audited financial statements annually to the Council.

8.1.4: To take custody and control all the assets of FIMA. The assets of FIMA shall be held in the name of FIMA.

8.1.5: To maintain and update a roll of members.

8.1.6: To endeavour to keep a world directory of Muslim health organisations, Islamic medical
schools, Islamic hospitals and clinics.

8.1.7: To publish FIMA bulletins.

8.2: TERMS OF OFFICE: The term of office of Executive Committee members shall be for two years.
Each member shall be eligible for re-election for one second term.

8.3.1: The President shall: Preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and Council. Administer all FIMA affairs with the approval of the Executive Committee. Present Annual reports to the Council and Executive Committee meetings. Act as the spokesperson of FIMA.

8.3.2: The Vice President shall: Assist the president in running the affairs of FIMA. Deputise for the president in his absence.

8.3.3: The Secretary shall: Keep minutes of the Council and Executive committee meetings. Prepare agendas of the Council and Executive Committee meetings, in consultation with the
President and other Executive Committee members. Notify all concerned about the time and venue of the Council and Executive Committee
meetings. Maintain a register of all member Islamic Medical Associations (IMAs), with names and
addresses of officers. Be responsible for correspondences with member IMAs.

8.3.4: The Treasurer shall: Maintain and organize all financial records, accounts, receipts, expenditures and income of
FIMA. Deposit, or supervise deposition, of all FIMA funds in designated bank accounts. Sign, or supervise signing, of all cheques withdrawn on behalf of FIMA. Prepare and present all financial reports to the Council and Executive Committee meetings.

8.3.5: The Executive Director (ED): Shall be appointed by the FIMA Council in a non-election year for a term of 4 years that may
be renewable. Duties: To execute decisions and assignments by the FIMA Council. The assignment is voluntary and non-salaried. The ED attends the Council and Executive Committee meetings, but without voting rights. The Council may appoint more than one ED.

9.1: Shall act in an advisory capacity providing input to either the Executive Committee or the Council.

9.2: The term of office shall be decided by the FIMA Council.

9.3: The AC will meet annually prior to the FIMA Council meetings.

9.4: Shall be presided by a Chairman who will represent the AC at the Executive Committee meetings.

10.1: The Council and Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year.

11.1: Quorum for meetings shall be at least fifty percent (50%) of the full membership.

11.2 All calls for Council meetings shall be made in writing at least two months in advance, and at least two thirds (2/3) of full member organisations must agree to attend in writing. Thereafter, in the event of failure to achieve quorum, those full member organizations who are present at the Council meeting shall form the quorum.

12.1: Decisions at all FIMA meetings shall be by a simple majority, except in the event of a Council meeting as stipulated in (8.6.2) . In such an event the majority shall be by seventy five percent (75%).

13.1: At the conclusion of the FIMA Council Meeting, in an election year, the outgoing FIMA president shall declare the end of term of the FIMA Executive Committee, and propose new elections for the incoming Executive Committee.

13.2: The FIMA Council members shall chose an election committee comprising of three members, including its chairman, from persons who will not be nominated for the elections.

13.3: The election of the incoming president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and other executive committee members, shall be done separately, and by secret ballot.

13.4: Election of all Executive Committee members shall be based on the status of full FIMA member organization, and not on a person’s name.

13.5: A minimum of five (5) consecutive years in good standing as a full FIMA member is required to qualify to be nominated for the office of president.

13.6: A minimum of three (3) consecutive years in good standing as a full FIMA member is required to qualify for other posts in the Executive Committee.

13.7: IMAs that are up to date with their FIMA dues or are exempted currently by the Council from payment of dues, and who are full members in good standing, can participate in the election process.

13.8: The past-president is to continue serving in the next Executive Committee as ex-officio for a full term with voting rights.

1 FIMA Save Vision Audit (Eye Checks & Operations)

Countries involved - 14

Camps - 469

Outpatients – 934,416

Surgeries – 94,925

Cost of cataract op – USD 25 per op

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2 FIMA Save Smile Audit (Cleft Lip & Palate Repair)

Total number of surgeries : 702

FIMA – IMA North America – DWW – Sudan IMA collaboration

IMANA team members increased from Parvaiz Mailk 4 to 32

Next camp scheduled for March 2014

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3 FIMA Save Dignity (Repair of Vesico-Vaginal and Recto-Vaginal Fistulae)

4 camps in Sudan

4 specialist from Pakistan IMA, IMA Egypt & Arab Medical Union

167 operations

1 camp in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

23 successful surgeries

1 camp in Pakistan

29 surgeries

Overall success rate was 89%

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4 Proposal for initiatives on

A FIMA Save Heart (Jordan) – preventative cardiology

B FIMA Save Earth (Jordan) – environmental impact on health


5 Cape Town Declaration on Addiction presented by IMASA to FIMA



President: Pakistan

Vice President: Turkey

Sec: Malaysia

Treasurer: South Africa




Saudi Arabia

Executive Director: Dr Aly Mishal

Representative from FIMA Advisory Council: Dr Musa MN


7 Formation of FIMA Advisory Council

Consists of past presidents, founding members of FIMA and Life Time Achievement Award Recipients

Founding Members – Dr Ghulam (SA), Dr Jurnalis (Indonesia), Dr Adnan (Jordan)

Life Time Achievement Award Recipients – Dr M Khan (SA), Dr Aly (Jordan), Dr Hafeez (Pakistan), Dr Adnan (Jordan), Dr Hawamdeh (Jordan), Dr Hosam (USA)

Past Presidents – Dr Aly (Jordan), Dr Musa (Malaysia), Dr Parvaiz (USA)


8 Recipient of FIMA Life Time Achievement Award 2012

Prof Hosam Fadel (USA)


9. El-Kadi Memorial Lecture 2013 by Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (Malaysia)

Quality Healthcare in the 21st Century








Snippets from the Lecture:

Can the teaching of Spirituality be Evidenced Based ?

Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges (CIMCO) Workshop.

Prof Abdul Rashid AR (Malaysia)

CIMCO Chairman



Think like a detective - have lots of common sense !

Argue like a lawyer - balancing facts and evidence

Decide  like a leader

Communicate like a newscaster

Guide like a preacher ( daie )






FIMA Year Book 2012 now available – hard copies

“Health in the Muslim World: Meeting the MDGs”


FIMA Year Book 2013

“Contemporary Bio-Ethical Issues from an Islamic Perspective”


FIMA Year Book 2014

“Addiction and Mental Health”


Papers welcomed. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Chief Editor: Prof Hossam (USA)

Editors: Dr Aly (Jordan)

Prof Abul Fadl (South Africa)

Dr Musa (Malaysia)





FIMA-IMAKSA-WAMY Umrah Program for Medical Students

Date: 22-27 March 2014

Venue: Makkah & Madinah




New FIMA members:


Great Britain (BIMA)







Next FIMA Annual Conference will be held in collaboration with IMA North America

Venue: Arusha, Tanzania


Aug 7-8, 2014 - FIMA Council

Aug 9-10, 2014 - CME IMA North America (for details of scientific program google www.IMANA.org)

Theme: “Personalized Medicine: Global & Demographic Challenges in Medicine”


Mt Kilimanjaro Trekking 5,895 m (met few brothers of IMA South Africa who walked up the mountain)

Serengeti National Park

Nborongoro Game Drive

Marangu Village

Lake Manyara,

Affordable hotels will be explored and informed by IMA South Africa




Improving our FIMA collaboration


12.1 HIV/ AIDS Working Group Members:

Uganda (Chairman)

South Africa





12.2 Addiction Working Group

Turkey (Chairman)







South Africa



12.3 FIMA Relief

South Africa (Chairman)

North America






12.4  FIMA Finance and Fund Raising Working Group

North America (Chairman)

South Africa

Saudi Arabia





26 Sha’ban 1435 / 24 June 2014

Al Marhum Prof Mofeed El-Mokhallalati past dean of medicine Islamic University Gaza (IUG) and past minister of health Gaza passed away yesterday 25 Sha'ban 1435 / 23 June 2014. A surgeon par excellence, Fellow Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, he had Irish PR but chose to build the medical services and initiate the medical faculty of Gaza.

On many occasions he was asked by the Prime Minister, Dr Ismail Haniyeh to be Gaza's minister of health but he politely refused saying he must first graduate his medical students. Once his first few cohorts of medical students graduated he had no choice but to accept the appointment.

I first visited his medical faculty in IUG in October 2010, during our Viva Palestine V international convoy to Gaza. And visited him again during our Miles to Smiles convoy 2011.

IMA Malaysia & FIMA invited him to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2012 for the international IMAM/FIMA conference in Istana Hotel. During this visit we arranged for him and his Ministry of Health entourage to meet our deputy minister of health, National Heart Institute and National University Malaysia & Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences where he had his students doing post-graduate studies.

Al Marhum Prof Mofeed is a true mujahid. Islam and the love of the ummah was so deeply entrenched in his heart. We love this brother very much. He has inspired us to love this work, to give our very best and to be always conscious that Allah is with us. The legacy that he has left behind is simply awesome and testimony to his everything that he has devoted to Islam. May he be in the company of the syuhada in the highest of His paradise

Of these men Allah says in Surah 33. Al-Ahzab, Ayah 23:
Among the believers there are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow through sacrificing their lives, and some others are waiting for it, and have not changed their determination in the least.

Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes
We, his students are but “dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants”.

And as Syakh Prof Malik Badri has often described these examplary Ikhwans:
“They walked on earth and served the ummah like His angels"

[To the righteous it will be said], "O reassured soul,
Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him],
And enter among My [righteous] servants
And enter My Paradise."

Al Fajr. 89:27-30

Our sincere condolences to his family and friends and may He bestow them patience and perseverance in their hour of need.

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council
Past President, FIMA (2005-2009)