Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

From the FIMA council meeting in Tanzania

we travelled to Masai Mara, Kenya.

Into the beauty

Of the African Safari


Animals in the wild

Taught us a lesson

Of peaceful coexistence

We hope the Zionists are learning too


One million wildbeests from Tanzania


Together with them

Were zebras, gazelles and deers


Before 1948, Christian and Muslim Palestinians

Made up 95% of the indigenous people of Palestine

Then a catastrophe!

400 villages burnt and destroyed

750,000 Palestinians forced to flee their homes



A land without a people? Nay!

They are refugees in their own land

Expelled from their motherland


The terms of the ceasefire in 2014 stipulates

A return to the borders of 1967 – not even 1948

Restoration of the sea port, fishing zone, airport

Lifting of the siege

End the occupation


Unreasonable demands?

They are basic human rights

Inalienable rights of any country

They are not negotiable


Wild animals had loads to teach us homo sapiens!

Birds nestled on the torso of zebras and wildebeests

The giraffe gracefully strutted up and said  “hello” to us humans

The lions did not growl at the peering, eavesdropping and intruding human

Let alone fire missiles from F16s or warships

Nor did the giant African elephants act like bullies and trample us to smithereens

Like the Zionists did to Gaza’s civil infrastructure

Schools, hospitals, playgrounds, homes, offices, mosques...


To call the genocide of Gaza animalistic

Is a gross injustice

To the Safari of

The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful!


We have witnessed the killings of innocent men, women and children

Superpowers arming the occupiers with weapons of mass destruction

The world turning a blind eye to the horrors that will forever haunt us


But here in the wilderness of the African Safari

We found peace, tranquillity

Attained therapeutic healing of the mind and soul


"Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul"

"Painful on the eyes but even more painful on the shoulders"

Few are guilty but all are responsible

We have to all do our little bits



Nasrun minallahi wafat hun karib

Help from Allah and victory is at hand

We remain optimistic and hopeful of God’s help and succor


End the occupation

Free! Free! Palestine


Musa Mohd Nordin

Masai Mara, Kenya

August 2014