Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

16 Aug 2014
FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No:34

Previously a Tunisian plane loaded with medical supplies was refused landing @ El-Arish airport.

It is now confirmed that a Tunisian delegation from their Red Crescent has entered Gaza.

Things are looking better & hopefully IMANA- WHO Health Kits will be released and other teams will be allowed.

The Malaysian delegation is reported to have been granted permission and is expected to enter Gaza today Sat 16 Aug 2014.

The Algerian team has similarly been granted permission but are delayed because a few of their team members  are prohibited from entry!

The team from Sudan is due to leave Gaza. See pic attached.

Kia Ora NZ are planning a huger rally this weekend. They donated one ambulance & $10K medical supplies & hope to raise more funds. Roger Fowler chairman of Kia Ora was in the 2010 VP convoy to Gaza (150 trucks & 300 volunteers from 30 countries) and has been back to Gaza twice. VPM hosted him & his wife in KL few weeks ago .

We salute the untiring and consistent efforts of Kia Ora NZ to mainstream the Gaza humanitarian crisis  in the Australasia.

Dr Ashraf
Director FIMA Relief

Dr Musa
Chairman VPM/FIMA Advisory Councillor