FIMA Projects & Message

The projects have incorporated:
1. Medical teaching (Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges-CIMCO)

2. Hospital services (Islamic Hospital Consortium-IHC)

3. Continuing Professional Education (Accreditation Council for Certification of Continuing Medical Education-ACCCME)

4. Student activities (Umrah & Ziarah, Winter and Summer Camps)

5. Information & communication technology( FIMA Hi-Tech Centre)

6. Publications (FIMA Year Book & FIMA Newsletter)

7. Humanitarian relief (multiple relief missions world wide and partnership in Islamic Council for Da’wa & Relief)

8. Research studies (FIMA Health Policy Initiative)

9. International networking (close liaison with UN, WHO, OIC; Islamic Organisation of Medical Sciences IOMS)

Our predecessors have displayed an “izzah” (sense of mission with confidence) which is difficult to emulate. With continuing “iltizam” (commitment) from all our IMAs, we are ready to face the challenges ahead. It is our shared and cherished goal to regain the leadership of the ummah in the medical sciences

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