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Title | FIMA Year Book 2012

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Dear Sir/Madam

Assalamu alikum WRWB

Hope you are in the best of your health and spirits.
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BIMA January Newsletter
1. Reflection
2. BIMA National Conference 2017 - Posters & Award Nominations
3. [London] Life Behind A Label
4. [London] Striving For Excellence - Islam And Your Career
5. [London] Undermind; Your Mind Matters
6. [London] Community Impact Project
7. [Yorkshire & Humber] Healthy Living
8. [West Midlands] Blood & Marrow Drive
9. [North West] Health Awareness Sessions
10. [North West] What Happens After Death? 
11. [Webinar] Work-Life Balance
12. FIMA Youth Camp - Istanbul, Turkey
13. BIMA Lifesavers & Trainees 2017
14. BIMA Ramadan Initiative 2017
15. BIMA General Recruitment
16. Events Roundup
17. News & Views