Flood disaster relief in Pakistan: updates

Dear Colleagues
Assalamu Alaikum!
We are all saddened by the havoc and destruction caused by the unprecedented heavy monsoon rains to hit the North Western Provinces of Pakistan over the past 48 hours killing over 1000 people and over 1,000,000 other homeless.
Pakistan has been declared a state of emergency as more rainfall is expected over the next few days spreading the flooding to surrounding provinces and villages with the surviving population clinging onto rooftops to stay alive. The health of these survivors are threatened by these water-borne diseases as confirmed by the PIMA doctors. Access to these survivors are severely hampered by the damage to roads and other forms of transportation.
Emergency relief is required in the form of shelter, consumable food and sanitation. Our partners in the region (PIMA and Al-Khidmat) have mobilized their resources and require our immediate support. Kindly start collecting these vital supplies for urgent transport to the disaster regions for those close to Pakistan or collect the necessary funds to procure these essential supplies locally. We will keep all informed of the communication network and local coordinator's contact details.
The FIMA Relief account can be found on www.fimaweb.net for your cash contributions or use the account details below. Kindly identify your contributions with "FIMA-floods" as your reference.
Jazakallah Khair
Ashraf Jedaar
FIMA Relief Coordinator

Dear Colleagues in IMAs and FIMA
Assalamu alikum WRWB
PIMA relief has started its relief operations  with 8 doctors and around 15 para medical staff members with provision of medicine, ORS and water purification tablets in the 6 affected areas.
1- Charsada camp: 150 patients
2- Peshawar camp 1
3-Peshawar camp 2
4- Peshawar camp 3 (a total of 650 patients)
5- Kilay Tarnab Farm camp: 200 patients
6- Dilazak Village camp(close to Nowshera) 800 pateints
A total of 1800 -patients were examined in 2 days.
We are requesting for donation of funds for procurement of medicine and other essentials. Kindly send your donation via  PIMA central sectt in Islamabad.

For Donation:

PIMA Relief  (Pak Rupees account)

A/c No. 1306-9

MCB Bank, Jinnah Super Market

F-7 Markaz. Branch (1160) Islamabad

PIMA (US Dollar Account)

A/c No. 0014-9

Swift Code: MUCBPKKA

MCB Bank, Jinnah Super Market

F-7 Markaz. Branch (1160) Islamabad

Dr. Tanveer Zubairi
8-2 Gulberg Complex, Jail Road
Tel: 0092 42 35715231
0092 42 3571 6231
0092 42 3571 5854
Fax: 0092 42 3571 5855
cell: 0092 300 8444116

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